Peter can cook

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Peter can cook, like better than Gordon Ramsay

This takes place after the civil war and peter shift to the tower after May died in an accident

After Ultron incident and Pietro death, Wanda was alone all she was searching for someone to relate so after peter came to live with them, Wanda got a brother and peter got an elder sister and they became inseparable


One day Peter was working alone in the lab and he got hungry, so he walked to a common room and saw Wanda sitting alone getting bored

"hungry" peter asked

"very, tired of eating takeout's, need homemade" she replied

"ok, I am cooking ill cook something for you," Peter said and he walked to the kitchen and start cooking something

20 min later he walked back with 2 plates of a dish, and Wanda was thinking about snacks so when peter walked in with a plate full with a dish she had never seen, she was surprised

Peter handover a plate to Wanda and as she put the first scoop, her eyes bugged out looking at the plate

Peter handover a plate to Wanda and as she put the first scoop, her eyes bugged out looking at the plate

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"SOOO t-es-ty," Wanda said in between scoops 

"I know" peter replied

Wanda was the first one to finish her plate and was looking at peter plate, with 'I need some more' eyes, so peter shifted some to her plate

When both of them finished "from now on you are going to cook for me, I don't care what you cook but you are my chef from now one" she said

So, from then on peter start cooking for both of them, some time he cooks extra and put that in the fridge with a big label of WANDA written on it

One day Natasha went to the kitchen as she was hungry and found a container with WANDA written on it, she opened it and smelled and her eyes rolled back by the heavenly smell, she has eaten every one of the avenger cooking but she never smelled this good, so she was curious who can cook this good so she took some of it and start eating it in the common room

"How can someone cook so good" she muttered in between

"heavenly right," Wanda asked form behind

"sorry" she muttered this was the first time she was sorry about eating someone else food

"don't worry, ill tell him to cook extra for you too, he cooks different dish every single time, he has that much recipes that you hardly eat the same dish again in 8 months," Wanda said getting the leftover

"who cooked it," Steve asked

"peter cooked," Wanda said

"that kid," Sam said

Before Nat can stop her "want some" Wanda asked

"I am not eating some kiddie food," Sam said

"same" Steve and Bucky replied

"your loss," both Wanda and Nat said together

After eating Wanda and Nat both were waiting for pater to arrive because according to peter if you request him in person then and only then he will cook for you so when he walked in Nat was waiting for him "will you..." before she can finish "ill cook for you too" peter said and walked away

Now peter have two most favorite thing he does when he is free, you will find him in either his lab or kitchen cooking for Wanda and Nat

Few months go by and peter kept cooking for Wanda and Nat

And the same thing happened when hungry Bruce walked in the kitchen searching for food, he found Tupperware box with Wanda and Nat labeled, so he picked the one with Wanda written on it, at this time Wanda and Nat both were standing at the door, looking at Bruce

He took a deep breath and sigh and start enjoying it ever single scoop of it

"liked it?" Nat asked slowly

"yea" he replied but jumped after realizing who was asking and almost spilled the whole if not for Wanda the whole thing would be on the floor

"oh god it was almost ruined," Wanda said

"I'll ask Peter to cook for you too," Wanda said

And all three took spoons and dig in

"it's heavenly, even I can't cook this good" Bruce said

So, yea after that it becomes their little secret, Bruce even build a small kitchen for peter on one side of his room

Other avengers didn't get the opportunity to taste peters cooking due to ignorance

And yea he cooked for brain bird and Antman kids when he was left with them as a baby sitter and he became there chef brother

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