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Kelley is an average 16 year old girl who has just started high school. She has everything going for her. Good grades, healthy family relationships, and a supportive group of friends. Her life can't get anymore perfect than it already. 

Niall is not your average 19 year old guy in his last year high school,  he is a very troubled kid. Coming from a family of abuse, drug addiction, and abandonment, of course no one knows that except is 2 best friends that have been there for him since middle school. Trouble follows him everywhere he goes along with all the girls in the school as they can not get enough of him.

When the two cross each others path everything will never be the same, well at least not for him. 

Keep reading to find out what is to come.

Hey guys, fangirlismyjob here, this is my first book I am publishing please let me know what you think and if I should keep going.

W O R T H Y    (ft. Niall Horan)Where stories live. Discover now