Christmas Note

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Dear Friends&Family

The holidays are upon us and though we have had our trials victory's and in some cases complete loss.We are still alive still standing and still posses the chance to better ourselves. Over the years Christmas has seemed to lost it's public luster people stopped caring and in turned stopped believing why we celebrate why we give gifts to those around us. To some it has become nothing more then a habit. Today however I am going to remind you what Christmas is really about. Why we really celebrate by giving gifts. Even those of not christian religion can accept these because it is something that no matter what god you do or do not praise it is still  a miracle. This day we take a break from the stress and trouble of life  to see the joy in those we loves faces who's very existence has been a gift in our lives. It's not about how big, how small, what kind, or what color. Nor is it about Santa coming down your chimney to give you something you wanted. On this day we celebrate the gift of life. So no matter what you do be it big or small just hold those close to you while you can life is such a short fragile flame.

   Merry Christmas


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