Chapter II: First Time

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Andrea looked around the restaurant before entering and caught sight of her parents, kissing. She shuddered and smooth her purple cocktail dress with a tight bodice and a wide skirt that hang just above her knees. She gripped her purse tighter and walked in to be greeted by a pleasant looking fifty-something hostess, "Welcome to Graciello, home of the best Spanish cuisine," the hostess greeted with a thick Spanish accent. 

"Ah, well, hi. I've got a reservation under the name Owen," she smiled at the hostess. 

The hostess, whose name is Calila as seen on her tag, returned the gesture and scanned the book on the podium. 

"Mr. Simon Owen or Mr. Jack Owen?" she inquired. 

"Simon," answered Andrea and within a second, though not really needing assistance, she walked towards her parents cuddled in each others arms. 

She cleared her throat and grinned at them as they look up, surprised. 

"Andrea, dear," exclaimed her mother, Pamela, who suddenly shot up her seat, leaving her father, Simon, falling a bit forward because of the instant motion. 

Her mother smothered her with a hug and kisses, "Oh, Andrea, dear, I miss you," she said. 

Andrea felt a blush rush to both her cheeks and noticed some of the customers looking at them. 

For the past four years of her being in college, her mom always overreact whenever she sees her after some months or weeks or days. That is why she preferred meeting up with them, privately, so no one will see her and her mom... but not-so old as they are, they prefer meeting her up publicly.

"Mom, you're drawing attention," she said as she look at her dad for back-up but he just shrugged. 

"I don't care... Why won't you just live with us?" she whined like a five-year-old. 

Mom, I am twenty! Was all Andrea wanted to say but she kept her mouth shut, she does not want her to feel bad. 

Her mother kept whining like a child until she saw Lance out of the corner of her eyes. 

Help, she mouthed at him and he smiled. 

Sure, he mouthed back and went to her rescue. 

"Hey, Pamela. Hey, Simon," he greeted as he approach their table, stopping in front of Pam and Andrea. 

"Hey, Pam, stop smothering your daughter and humiliating her in public, she might not want to see you again if you don't let go of her," he whispered on Pam's ear, making it a little bit audible to Andrea. 

As if his words made Andrea disgusting, she released her daughter.

"You won't do that, would you?" she asked Andrea. 

"I was thinking of doing exactly what he said seconds ago, Mom," Andrea teased. 

Her mother frowned and her eyes widened, "Mom, I'm joking," she said in defense. 

"It does not sound like a joke to me," Pam said, with the scolding look she receive from her wheever she does something wrong.

Oh my god!, she thought and glanced at Lance for help, but he shrugged and smiled at the little scene in front of him. 

"Mom," she said in desperation. 

Her mom smiled, "I'm kidding," she said. 

Andrea's mouth formed an 'O', "You're impossible," she said as she let herself fall to her seat beside Lance, her mom joining them after a heartbeat.

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