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Thenextmorning (10am)
Luke's POV

I'm still convinced that this is a dream, I'm a dad! I can't believe I'm a father to two beautiful babies! Speaking of the babies, they opened their eyes! Their eyes were only open for about a minute before they fell back asleep just like their mommy. I slept here with Mia all night and everyone else left to get some sleep, but they're back now.

As it turns out, Lily and Peter both have blue eyes, just like me! From the tiny little hairs they have on their heads right now I think they'll either have brown or dirty-blonde hair. I just love them so much! I can't wait to bring them home to their very own bedroom, oh my god I'm so happy! I mean I'd be happier if Mia was awake to admire our babies with me, but she needs her rest.

I walked into the waiting room to find Michael, Monse, Calum, Ash, Melony, and my mom sitting patiently (except Mel who kept jittering).

"Hey guys." I said still beaming with happiness.

"Hey bro, congrats. We're all so proud of you. You're going to be a great dad." Calum said and pulled me in for a hug. We were quickly joined by Mikey and Ash, along with Melony cuddling our legs.

"When do I get to see my gorgeous grandkids?" My mom asked beaming like I was.

"Follow me, I'll take you to the nursery." I said to my mom. Mikey and Mel followed behind my mom and I to see the babies. Monse, Calum, and Ash will see them in a bit due to the person limit in the nursery at a time. 

"I'll be right back Mum." I said and went back to the waiting room to talk to Ashton.

"Ash? What happened with Tanya? And don't tell me the short version, lay it all on me." I said and sat in one of the plastic chairs next to one of my best friends.

"Well, she's been cheating on me for a while, I don't know how long. I caught her talking on the phone to a guy named Daniel. She said she was going to sneak out tonight to see him. They've been sneaking around behind my back Luke! I- I loved that girl, I still might. Then she said she was going to put Mel up for adoption or into an orphanage or something! She's so selfish, so malicious, so- so ugh! What the hell is wrong with me that I still love her?" Ashton finished. Woah, i thought Tanya was a great person, but it turns out that she's no better than Natalie!

"Nothing is wrong with you Ash, nothing. You will get over her. She is no better than Natalie!" I said and both Calum and Monse kinda winced at her name, ok?

"What am I supposed to do about Mel?" Ashton asked. 

"We're surely not going to let Tanya give her up!" Monse blurted out. She's right.

"I have an idea, but we need Michael to agree." I said as I went over the pros and come of my idea in my head.

"Agree to what?" Michael asked and I whipped around to see Michael coming towards us.

"If Tanya ever allowed it, would you be willing to have custody of Melony?" I asked hoping he loved this little girl enough to say yes.

"Of course, but how will we get Tanya to give us- give me custody?" Michael asked.

"Just ask her, do whatever she asks, within reason of course. Just do it for Melony, we're all she has! It wouldn't be fair for her to be stuck in an adoption center or whatever." I said.

"Luke, Mia's awake!" Melony came running into my arms and I held her. I looked at her and noticed just how precious and special to not only me, but all my friends this girl really is.

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