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//lmao I'mma just dive Right in this smutty story, I'm gonna be making it kinky (duh) as i could so less'do this ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ//

Bill's pov:

I slowly sit up on the bed as Stan pulls me more forward, straddling me, I feel trapped even though I can just easily throw him off but I just sit there and see what else he does to me, he kissed me, a breathtaking kiss that made lust grow more stronger between both of us. In this heated moment,
I slap my hands on his ass, he grabs my hands and slides them down to the zipper and button of his jeans, wanting those off his body too,

I rolled him over so that I can be on top again, I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding it off his sweet body, feeling up his thighs, I slid my hand up to his underwear that I still hadn't pulled off yet,

"Just...fuck me already Bill, I can't wait anymore.." Stan moaned,

I pulled off his underwear immediately and pulled out my dick and shoved it inside Stan aggressively, I watched his eyes shoot open, as he started to tear up,

This must've been his first time too..

"F-fuck." I breathed out as I push deeper inside of Stan, starting to thrust in and out,

Stan started to cry out my name as he dug his nails into my back, I gritted my teeth as I went more deeper and more harder into him, making him cry more, I kissed his neck, and bit it more, he whined and shivered as the pace increased.

"A-ah..ha... Bill....f-fu-fuck.." Stan moaned,

I felt sweat develop on both of our body's as I trapped him in my grip, I pulled out and pushed harder in, thrusting faster and faster.

Stan's pov:

I felt my hole stretching wider with each thrust of Bill's dick,
I wanted to scream out 'deeper' but I noticed Bill was sticking the whole thing inside me, he held my wrists tightly as he destroyed my ass with the fast pace he was doing me with,
I squirmed as the bed shook and Bill was sweating alot.

I screamed out his name and scratched at his back more,

"F-fuck S-S-Stan I..." Bill was gonna cum, I knew he was gonna, I sorta felt it, it was weird, I felt like he was gonna cum any second now, I wrapped my legs around him so he wouldn't try to pull out, if anything, I wanted to feel that shit shoot all inside me.

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear,

I love you.

Bill finally released, the warm cum felt amazing, it felt like ropes had been shot all into my asshole, it made my whole body tingle, now I was the moaning mess.

I didn't want him to stop but he was gasping and panting, he seemed exhausted, he pulled his dick out of me and got off me, I tried pulling him back on me but I was even exhausted, I couldn't even move, it's like Bill paralyzed me from my asshole.



Bill comes up the stairs, all cleaned up but with still no shirt on,

He collapses onto the bed, beside and close to me, he turns his head to look at me, I look at him back, his beautiful blue eyes make my heart beat even faster, I don't want him to just play with me like how I feel he was gonna,

He didn't even say he loved me back...which made me feel like he didn't love me, and to him I was just some gay hookup.

Almost like a one night STANd.


I finally force myself to sit up, even though it does hurt, I'm so sore, Bill's dick wrecked me.

"Bill do you love me..?"


"Do you love me...? Or do you.." I tear up a bit, I swallow the lump in my throat that's forming, or else that's just some cum that was just stuck in my throat.
"Do you just ...was I just a hookup? Or do you feel the same way I feel about you..?"

"Stan...I d -don't know how to...l-love someone..."

"How the hell do you-- Bill..."

"S-stan...I never...I never...I-I thought I felt it once but it d-d-died on me, and you know, I w-was okay with it, but now that you b-bring up that word..n-now I'm just..c-confused." Bill looks down, he doesn't even want to look at me anymore,

"Bill I know losing a brother wasn't--"

"I'm not t-talking about G-g-georgie..even t-though...i am s-still hurt about that...I'm talking about B-beverly..."


"...I thought I l-loved her..but...I d-don't know who I love.."

"Bill, we just had sex a moment ago, and Richie says he sees you staring at me 24/7, not even glances at Beverly. What am I to you? Do you feel something...when you're around me..?"

"My heart be-beats fast...and..I can't help but feel... something w-weird inside's w-weird because I just consider you as a b-bestfriend..but we just h-hooked up which made me feel more ... complete..? More... Relieved I.. guess...I g-guess what I'm t-trying to say is--" 



"I love you too."

Bill smiles for the first time in so long, he blushes which makes me lean in and kiss him while he lays there, he kisses back and strokes my hair before pulling me onto him again.

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