Laundromat Blues 2

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I sat in my dressing room, staring at my reflection in the vanity mirror in front of me. I took note of the wide grin that had been glued to my face for a year and a half now. It was all his fault. He changed me. In the best possible way. He had put me through hell all those years ago, thinkin he was dead, then bein in a coma for 2 years, only to wake up and not remember me. It seemed like it all happened so fast. But when i think back, it all was worth it. It proved to me that, when love is true, it can do the impossible. I glanced down at my long white dress. It was possibly the most expensive thing I've ever owned. Again, this was his fault. He insisted that I be treated like a queen on our special day. I lightly chuckled at the memory of him arguing with our wedding planner about my dress and just about everything else. Total Groomzilla. Haha. I didn't have much to do with decorating or planning the wedding, and I'm just fine with that. I'm not exactly a fashionista and I probably wouldn't know what to do. But Kurtis is very swaggnificent, meaning he is very good at dressing himself. He has a shocking amount of style. A little bit has rubbed off on me but, not much. I guess I'll always be a t-shirt and sweatpants kinda girl. I looked back up at my face in the mirror. Not much makeup on my face, at Kurtis's request. He says i look prettier without it. Such a sweetheart, right? My long, coal-black, hair is in loose curls, pulled back in the front. Diamond tiara veil, necklace and bracelets adorn me, making me feel like i was truly royalty. Kurtis went all out. He always spoils me, though. But that's not why I love him. I love him because he brought me out of my shell. He taught me how to live life and not just exsist. He was the first man to appreciate me and love me just for bein me. He was the first to love me. And I'll love him eternally.

"Girl, why you sittin there grinnin' at yo'self like The Joker? You're getting married today, remeber?" said my sister, Karen.

I smiled at her through the mirror.

"Just thinkin about everything that led up to this point." I replied.

"And that makes you smile? You have a strange sense of humor, Rita." she said, smirkin at me.

I playfully rolled my eyes and turned around to face her. She looked beautiful in the maid of honor dress that Kurtis had picked out. I know, it sounds weird but, that's just how he is. Everything had to be perfect. 

"Karen, you look so pretty." I said.She looked down at the red dress she wore.

"I know, right? Almost better than you! Hahahahahaha." she said laughin to herself. I raised my eyebrow at her. She smacked her lips.

"Rita, you know i'm just kiddin. You are definitely the most beautiful woman in the room." she said. I smiled at her. Before i could say thank you, Marta, the wedding planner bursted through the door.

"It's time!!! Karen, go get in your position! Rita hurry up and get out here into the hallway so you can walk in time with the music!" she almost yelled. Karen rolled her eyes. She didn't really get along with Marta.

"Calm down, Marta." she said as she made her way to the door.

"I'll see you in a minute, Mrs. Soon-To-Be-King." she called over her shoulder as she pushed Marta out of the room with her. I turned back around to the vanity, taking in what she had just said. Forever more, my last name will be King. Rita King. I smiled to myself as I repeated it over and over again. As I placed my veil over my face, I stood and took a deep breath. I heard the music begin outside and felt the butterflies in my stomach come to life. This is it. I picked up the front of my dress and stepped into the hallway just in time to see my first bridesmaid step into the sanctuary, where the ceremony would take place. I took my spot behind Karen and waited.

Before she walked into the sanctuary, she turned to me and said,"This may seem like a big step and it is, but if you love Kurtis and he loves you, no matter what threatens your marriage, your happiness, your sanity, you will overcome it. Marriage is a journey, not a vacation. It won't always be fun and games. You'll argue, you'll be mad at eachother, and at times, might even want to call it quits, but if the love is true....... none of that will matter. Let nothing and i mean NOTHING come between you and your husband. Do you understand me?" I looked at her serious face and nodded. Me and Kurtis have had our share of trials and tribulation and, at this point, nothing could tear us apart. Her face softened and she kissed my cheek, then walked into the sanctuary. It was time. My life will now change forever. Marta gave me my cue and i began walking down the aisle......... towards my future.

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