Chapter 7-Background

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Chapter 7


Rowan’s POV

“Oh no! Take cover, the enemy is coming.” I whisper and we run through the trees quickly.

A roar erupts from behind us making Gage squeal and run faster.  I quickly grab his hand and pull him behind a tree. He giggles softly when I pull him to the ground and motion him to follow me as I army crawl under some bushes. When he stops next to me I push the branches apart and peek out. Rebel is stomping around looking from side to side with a frown.

I mentally snicker at his lost look. Gage pushes my head to the side to take a look himself. I playfully glare at him but he doesn't notice because he's too busy looking at Rebel with a frown. My eyes drift back to my brother who…disappeared. Fucking hell. I look around quickly but there is no sign of him anywhere. Gage and I exchange a worried glance.

“AH!” I scream when someone grabs my feet and drags me out from under the bush. “SAVE YOURSELF GAGE!” I shout while clawing at the ground.

“Okay!” He says before running away causing my jaw to drop in shock.

“I WAS JUST KIDDING!” I shout and watch him look back with a smirk so similar to his father’s.

“Well then you no say something you no mean! Good luck Uncle Rowan!” He waves before disappearing through the trees.

“Your son is an ass.” I huff while looking up at Rebel making him laugh.

“Yeah, I taught him well. I'm so proud.” He says and wipes away a fake tear.

I roll my eyes and quickly stand up. My clothes are covered in mud and grass stains. I'm sure the camouflage face paint is all messed up from sweating so much. I look at Rebel’s face and see his is smudged and he has twigs in his hair. With a chuckle I throw my arm over his shoulder as we walk back towards the house. He smirks and suddenly decides to trip me making me fall face first into the mud.

“You’re dead.” I growl and he sprints through the trees.

I push myself off the ground and quickly chase after him. We break through the trees and into the backyard where the rest of the family is sitting. I lunge at him and send both of us flying into the pool. The cold water makes a shiver run down my spine. I push Rebel’s head down and use it as leverage to send my body towards the surface. My hands slap the edge of the pool and I quickly climb out before he can pull me back in.

“You dick! That’s fucking cold.” Rebel huffs while climbing out the water.

“You guys are cleaning the pool.” Dad says from the deck.

I look at the once clean water that now has twigs and leaves floating around. Looking around I walk over and grab the cleaning stick. I quickly start taking out the leaves and twigs. Dad should have just put the damn cover on. Then I wouldn’t have to be cleaning this shit. My head snaps back when I get pushed from behind. The cold water once again engulfs my body and I quickly swim to the surface.

“Bitch.” I growl while quickly climbing out.

“Dick.” Rebel smirks and shakes his head making water droplets go flying.

“Ass.” I grumble while pushing past him and climbing the steps to the deck.

Dad tosses me a towel and I quickly strip off my clothes knowing he will kill me if I leave a trail of water in his house. Once I'm in my briefs I wrap the towel around my waist and pull them off. Rebel does the same and we push each other playfully on our way to the laundry room. Once we set our clothes to wash we go up to our old bedrooms to get something warmer than a fluffy towel. I take a quick shower before getting dressed.

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