Moving Away

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"Hey ___, Did you decide what middle school you're going to yet?" Tsukkishima asked walking up to Yamaguchi and her. "You didn't tell him yet?" Yamaguchi asked. "Tell me what?" Tsukkishima asked confused. ___ frowned. "I was going to tell you tonight when you came over to dinner, but I guess now is as good as a time as any.." ___ said sadly. "I.. I'm not going to middle school here." She said sadly.

"Are you going to the other middle school then? Well that's fine, even if we don't go to the same middle school we can still hang out sometime." Tsukki said shrugging. "No I- …" she took a deep breath. "I'm moving back to America next week.. I'll be going to middle school there." "Oh." Tsukki's back straightened and his face went sullen. "I.. gotta go. I can't make dinner tonight. Something came up." "Tsukki wait!" ___ called out, but Tsukkishima ran off.

Tsukkishima avoided her all week, no matter how many times she went over to his house he refused to see her, and Yamaguchi couldn't get him to talk to her either.

"So it's really happening huh? You're moving today?" Yamaguchi asked sullenly. "Yeah.. I'll be leaving in a few hours." She said sighing."I wish Tsukkishima would see me so that I could say goodbye.." "I tried to get him to see you, I really did!" Yamaguchi pleaded, "he just kept saying he doesn't want to see you. I think he's really hurt by you leaving." 

"I wouldn't go if I could help it!" ___ said as she started to cry. "I don't wanna leave you and Tsukki either!" Yamaguchi pulled her into a hug. "I told him you were leaving soon. Hopefully he will come. I'm sure he will." He said as he patted her back. "Me too.." ___ silently prayed. 'Please let Tsukkishima come so that I can say goodbye!'

Just then ___'s father spoke up. "___ it's time to go, do you have all of your things?" "I put them in the trunk earlier," ___ said wiping her eyes. Yamaguchi let go of her and ___ headed towards the car. Just then, as if her prayers had been answered, she heard someone yell out.

"Wait! Don't leave yet!" She turned around to see Tsukkishima running towards her. "Tsukki!" She yelled out running towards him and jumped into his arms. "Tsukki you big dummy! I almost left without seeing you! One more minute and I would've been gone!" She yelled. "I know, I know! It's just.. I thought if I didn't see you before you left then it wouldn't hurt as much, but I was wrong. I didn't know if I'll ever get the chance to see you again so I ran all the way here and.."

"I'm just glad you came." ___ said hugging him. "I'll miss you." She said. "I'll miss you too." He said back releasing her from his hug. "Here, I made you this." He reached into his pocket, taking out a little beaded bracelet. "It says 'Tsukkishima &  ___' so you never forget me." He said sliding it onto her wrist. "It's a little big, but I thought maybe you'd grow-" 

"I love it!" ___ said as she gave him another hug and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm never taking it off!" "You better not!" He said. "___, it's time to go now." ___'s father said once again. "I-I have to go now, thanks Tsukki, for the bracelet. I promise, I'll never take it off." "Wait! Will you ever be coming back to Japan? You moved here once from America already, does that mean you will again?" "I don't know," ___ said sadly. "But even if I have to wait until I'm an adult, I'll move back here and come see you again, I promise." "I'll wait for you," he said.

 "___, come on now! We gotta go!" Her dad yelled from the car. "Well, this is it," ___ said as she gave him one more hug. "Take care of Yamaguchi for me would ya?" "You got it," Tsukki said sniffing. She pulled away and gave Yamaguchi another hug. "Take care of Tsukkishima for me would you? He needs you. I'm not sure if he'll ever make anymore friends." "I will, I promise." Yamaguchi said squeezing her tight. "Goodbye." She said to them both as she climbed into the car. "Goodbye!" The both called out to her as they waved. And with that ___'s family drove off and moved back to America.

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