Before You Read

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You are entering what is known as a book limbo, where the story is currently being edited and REPOSTED. Fancy that. If you've read my last chapter, you'll know that I've made a schedule and things should be running pretty smoothly. But I can't make any promises. 


All right, now I can get into the fun stuff. First off:

-No copying. Although, I'm guessing nobody's gonna do that. I mean, there's already a ton of books about popular people on this site... Well here's the deal for ya. This ain't just a stereotypical high school popular girl story. I mean, it starts off like one... But it doesn't stay that way. 

-You can give constitutive criticism, just don't bash my story. There's a very big difference.

-I love reading your comments, so don't be shy! If something surprises you, tell me! 

-If you see any mistakes (grammar, punctuation), just tell me. I'll happily fix it :)


PS. What do you think of that book cover that I included? Someone made this for me years ago so I don't remember their username... I remember promising them that I'd include their book cover here since I didn't chose it :)

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