Crude Awakening.

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1 - Crude Awakening.

John Shelbourne was having a dream; an erotic dream. Well sort of. He was dreaming he was playing Zlingball(1) in front of a nude audience. In addition he was also in the nude and his wife Areana was the opponent. Now that surely made it a dream, not because he was playing against his wife, but because no one plays Zlingball that way; it would be dangerous to say the least. You see, to play Zlingball, you need to be in a room with an 8th foot ceiling that has two baseball sized balls suspended midway from the ceiling and the floor by strands of bungee cords. The balls are 5m apart and each opponent stands next to one of the suspended balls and, with a bat very similar to a baseball bat, hits the ball toward his opponent. The goal is to hit your opponent while dodging their ball and your own ball coming from back from the bungee recoil. Normally you would wear protective apparel such as an helmet and padding to protect sensitives areas of your body.

At the beginning the game was going well for John. He hit his spouse a few times with his shots and he was able to dodge most of hers as well as his own returning ball. As he was hitting his ball again he noticed a well endowed redheaded woman standing in front of the naked crowd and cheering him on. He could not help but momentarily turn his head to watch her. It was but  a brief peek at the bouncing duo, but it was enough to change the course of the game. As he turned his head back, he could see his returning ball heading straight towards him. He quickly dropped his bat and attempted to cover his bat with his hands, but it was to late; his ball hit him in the balls.

John awoke wet from sweating but with a quality erection. It had been a long time since he had experienced this masculine pleasure, at least not since he had celebrated his 50th birthday with a double dose of Viagra. He wondered if he might be the victim of Viagra"s dreaded secondary effect, but he did not remember taking a pill on the previous night. He also felt amazingly refreshed and frisky. But there were other strange things to deal with as awareness of his surrounding was becoming clearer. He found himself in a darkened room, but he could still tell that it was not his. The bleached white walls with no decorations and the various medical monitoring devices gave it away. He did not have time to further examine his surroundings as the lights were turned on and a pretty blond nurse with a deep cleavage walked over to his bedside. She bent over him while speaking in a soft whisper. His eyes dived in as his erection got worse, or better, depending on your point of view.

“Mr. Shelbourne, are you awake?”

Her voice seemed nervous, yet re-assuring. She had a sensual  hispanic look and If he had not been a bit unnerved with his unusual surrounding, he would have loved seducing her and attempt making use of this morning's blessing.

"I sure am, where am I?"

"You are in the recuperating room of the Personal Regeneration Institute, Dr Weinster will be in shortly to explain everything."

"Was I in an accident?" It could not be a heart attack, his awaken libido proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Not at all, please be patient, I would rather you wait for Dr Weinster for the explanation."

"OK Honey, but if he takes too long I'll need some sort of special medical attention from you."

He had no time to continue flirting with the nurse as they were interrupted by a tall, lanky, flaxen haired man dressed in scrubs entering the room and walking towards the bed.

“Well Mr. Shelbourne, I see you are awake.”

"Dr. Weinster I presume." He answered, as he watched the nurse walk out of the room. Was it him or was she swinging her hips for him? Definately Italian he thought, or was it Eskimeau? The distraction was momentary as he needed to get back to the mystery of his situation; what had happened to him?

"Well doc what's the scoop?"

"What is the last thing that you remember Mr. Shelbourne?

"Lets see, I'm not too sure. Its kind of hazy, but I know I was working on an important business deal; a mining venture on Mars in the Hellas area. And I was also planning to take my wife out for supper for our 5th wedding anniversary".

"I see, it's as I suspected. You did not see yourself in the mirror yet did you?"

"No, did something bad happen to my face? Did I fall on my head?"

"No, nothing like that and I would not categorize what has happened to you as being a bad thing. Here have a look."

On saying these last words, Dr Weinster handed Shelbourne a hand-held mirror that he picked up from the night table.

John Shelbourne, was shocked. The face that looked back at him was his, at least it used to be his.

(1) For more information on Zlingball click on the External Link on your right.

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