Chapter 1 || I'm

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     'Bzzzzzzzzzzz!' the alarm clock rang, snapping a certain black-head out of his thoughts. 'School's starting' the human thought, looking at the clock which displayed 8:30 AM. 

     It was a typical Earth morning. The sun was a bright baby blue with the bright, yellow sun displayed. There weren't too many clouds, but there were still some that were white and fluffy like cotton candy. 

     The teacher walked into the busy classroom, notebooks in arms. She organized them on her desk and sat down. She kept her eyes at the door way. "Hello, class," she began, "we have a new student here today. Come in and introduce yourself." She motioned towards the doorway. A male figure appeared. 

     The human was at a lost for words. He knew who this was. It was his old, alien enemy, Zim. Zim had tried to take over the planet Earth, but nobody believed the human about his alien identity. "ZIM!" The human yelled, pointing at him. This just earned groans from his classmates.

      The male figure stood at the doorway. His skin was an unusual olive green, catching the eyes of the human. His hair was a night black color, hair gelled into a spiked back at the front. He had grape colored eyes, most likely contacts. 

     His collar was a rose pink, same shade as his sleeves and the straps of his, well what seemed to be, backpack. He had an oversized magenta shirt with night black pants and night black boot. He also had night black gloves. 

     His 'backpack' was a light gray color, with rose pink spots. There was one, last weird detail about him. He was three feet tall. 

     "Ah, that's good. Since you know each other already, Zim, take the empty seat next to Dib Membrane," the teacher smiled, pointing at the desk next to the human. Zim walked over and slithered into the chair. This earned a hard glare from the human. 

     "Space boy, what are you doing back here?" The human growled quietly, not wanting the teacher to hear.  When the teacher looked over, he grabbed his notebook and wrote 'I'm pretending to write so I don't get in trouble' over and over again until she looked away. 

     "You really thought my mission was over, Dib-beast? No, your idiotic mind is wrong!" he whispered back and smirked, poking Dib's cheek as he spoke his last word. 

     "Where have you been those, what, 7 years!? In your toilet again?" Dib growled back. He grabbed his notebook and sketched Zim on an autopsy table. 

     "Your little picture is inaccurate, Dib-beast. I shall never get torn open by your scientists. As for where I was, I was on the armada. My commander's spaceship," Zim smirked.   

     "I really hate you, you know that?" Dib asked, keeping a low growl, "I really REALLY hate you."

      "Dib, want to share something with the whole class? You seem to be talking a lot over there," the teacher spoke, staring Dib right in the eyes. This set him off. He stood up in front of the whole class.

     "Yes, there is something I want to share! That's not a human being, that's an ALIEN!" Dib yelled, pointing at Zim. "AN ALIEN, AN ALIEN!" He yelled. 

     "Dib Membrane, sit down this instant! You're acting like an elementary schooler!" The teacher yelled, grabbing a paper. Dib groaned and sat down.

     "Yeah, he's always saying stuff. Ever since we were little kids, he was always saying I'm an alien. Obviously, he's a liar," Zim explained. 

     "Shut up," Dib growled at Zim. 

     "Dib. Don't be rude. Now, onto the lesson at hand," the teacher said. She started talking. 


     The bell rang, signalizing the end of the day. Dib packed up his stuff, placing his notebooks in his backpack. He realized Zim had left the classroom already. He sighed and got up, putting on his backpack. 

     He walked out of the classroom, and headed to the dorm building. There was a sign placed on his dorm room door. 'New Roommate' it read. Dib groaned and walked inside.

     It was none other than Zim the alien himself. "ZIM!?" Dib yelled, pointing at him. 

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