Styles, Harry Styles.

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Hi there,

I'm back! I've gotten into the "mood" of writing once again. This is a one shot/fanfic. It is way too long to be a one shot and too short to be a fanfic, so I'll just say it's a One Fic? I don't know. Anyways, I wrote this because well this is what I feel and also the other half is actually just all my imagination, which I guess is sort of like a thought that popped up in my head?

I hope you like it. I know I haven't been good on updating the other stories right now. I'm sorry I've been bad, but I'll try my best to update soon! For now, enjoy this one. X

Make sure to not get too much feels, ha.

Thanks so much for your support by the way. (For reading, commenting, voting and becoming a fan) It means a lot) 

You can find me on twitter at @i_heart_1D_ or tumblr at

Have a terrific day lovelies and keep smiling. X

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