Chapter 137

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The chuckle that Evelyn heard was throaty and deep. It reminded her of one of Zayn’s more sadistic and cruel laughs. A foreboding chill tingled down her spine.

At this exact moment, the pines, the layered voices of jubilant birds, and the scent of lilies all faded away into nothingness. One moment they were next, the next, they all vanished. Darkness descended upon her, as if the world had been swallowed up by an omniscient darkness.

Beside from the colour of her own flesh, and the coat in her hand, there were nothing but blackness in the horizon.

Something about this was not right. But in her dreamy state of sub-consciousness, her mind was not working at its optimum mode. Hence, the rational questions such as ‘where am I’, and ‘what is happening’ did not cross her mind. But saying that, Evelyn Blackburn was not known for being rational and her mind had always worked in a mysterious way.

Courage and compassion, she had those in spades, but the ability to be patient and think in apprehension of consequences was not something she’d mastered in her short eighteen years.

She stared blankly at the swarm of blackness before her. She was hazed.

She heard that laugh again.

Her primal instinct was telling her to run, run as fast as she could, and get as far away from the source of the sinister voice as she could. But, just like the climax scene in a scripted horror movie, Evelyn did the opposite thing to the more logic reaction.

Slowly, her body twisted so that she could face the man who was standing one or two feet behind her.

When his silhouette finally came to sight, Evelyn didn’t know if it were just her imagination, but she was sure she had been here before, that she had seen him before. The first thing Evelyn realised was how incredibly tall he was, and how close he was to her. He bowed, like a formal gentleman. He took Evelyn’s hand into his, and kissed the back of it. She didn’t expect this unforeseen gesture of friendliness, and she was a little taken aback by the abruptness of it.

His lips were cold and light. In fact, Evelyn was unsure as whether she felt anything tangible at all. All she felt was an unanticipated rush of icy breeze against her flesh.

Without thinking over the consequences, she pulled it out from his grasp and took a step back.

Her sudden retaliation to his friendly gesture did not surprise him. He laughed shallowly and rose his head.

His dark eyes met Evelyn’s, and she gasped.

He was handsome, inhumanly handsome. High cheekbones; jawline as prominent as they could get; tanned skin; light brown hair the colour of an ancient and weathered pine tree trunk, tousled back in a formal fashion; large and watery eyes, like the ones of an innocent doe or the glaring orbs of a menacing tiger… His iris were peculiar. They could almost past for white if it wasn’t for the specs of sapphire that lined the outer edges. Those eyes, they were practically glowing, and they contrasted the completely darkness that surrounded them.

Just like Zayn, the man before Evelyn was utterly breath-taking. Their face shared a few similarities in term of their beauty. This man could pass for Zayn’s brother or something, she thought.

However, looks can be deceiving. Just because the man before her looked invitingly handsome, that by no means categorised him under the good-guy list. Zayn was as handsome as a single, unaltered creature could get, yet unmeasurable evilness lurked beneath his beauty.

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