Chapter Eleven

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Happy Christmas Eve!! One day till Christmas! :D

‘Eve Tailor.’ I said, before shrugging resignedly as I saw Simona stand up from her table in the corner of my eye, ‘Well, I’ve kind of got to go now…’ 

‘Oh, I need to go too, I normally eat in the Wells sports centre with my friends.’ She said.

‘Bye Laura!’ Simona added, and Laura waved, before setting off towards the doors with her tray. ‘So, are you gonna sit with me now?’

‘Yep.’ I shrugged, making my way to her table. ‘Are those all your friends?’ I asked, pointing to the table, which had at least six or seven people seated.

‘Mhmm.’ She murmured, ‘Roslyn Murray, the one with the massive ‘ironic’ glasses,’ Simona introduced when we were close enough to the table,  ‘Louisa Portman and Grace Portman, Louisa’s twin,’

The twins were both sitting with their head in their hands, talking to each other, and they both looked up at the mention of their names. ‘Hi.’

‘Hey,’ I replied, lifting my fingers in a nervous wave. At that gesture, several of the other tablemates looked up in curiosity.

Simona spotted their interest and pointed to me, ‘Hey guys, this is Eve, she’s new,’ a few of the less lethargic people called out a greeting, but most of them just nodded their heads at me before going back to their conversation.

Simona sniffed in disgust, ‘D’you know what? Most of these people are all impolite bums. I shan’t bother you with introductions.’ 

No-one seemed too bothered by that declaration either, and, a chagrined Simona showed me to an empty seat beside hers. The rest of the lunchtime was spent in partial silence; sometimes, there would be a curious question aimed at me, but, apart from that, I may just have been a table fixture for all the attention people paid me.

 Fifteen minutes later, the bell signifying the end of breakfast rang, and a massive clattering echoed around the canteen as over 100 people all pushed themselves out of their chairs and left through the many doors dotted around the room. I followed the general direction the stampede was going in and found myself outside along with a few other disorientated, confused students.

 ‘Eve.’ It was Alice. Unfortunately, I could recognize that voice anywhere. ‘I’ll walk with you.’  Sighing, I turned around slowly. Yep, I had guessed right. ‘Hi, Alice.’ Alice smiled at me, seeming warmer than I expected, and I wondered what had changed in the ten minutes of breakfast. ‘Show me your timetable, let’s compare classes.’ She offered, and I narrowed my eyes at her in suspicion.

‘Why are you so mood swingy?’ I asked, ‘Do you have, like, a split personality or something?’ as I said that, another idea dawned on me, ‘Do the copy things of you all have different personalities?’

‘-Was I talking to the moody Alice just then?’ I asked, ‘Can you remember what I was talking about with the other Alice or is she a completely different person to you?’

Alice raised her eyebrows at me, ‘Your diary please.’ She said, disregarding my other questions, ‘And hurry up, we’re late.’

I sighed, I guess I hadn’t expected her to answer my questions – in honesty, they were a bit far-fetched. I reached into my bag – a red and white striped tote that my aunt had bought as a going away present from Tommy Hilfiger- and felt around briefly, before remembering, ‘oh, damn, I forgot it in my room.’

Alice sighed impatiently, ‘You moron.’ She muttered, ‘oh well, makes good practice.’ She tugged me to a bench and pushed me down.

‘What are you going to-‘

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