You want me?

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*Dallas's POV*
OMG Fifth FREAKING Harmony is at the orphanage. I know not to get my hopes up because people always choose little kids but I can at least fangirl right? Mrs Thomas was talking about my fangirling again and even though they were a couple rooms away I could still hear them. My hearing I quite good. I don't even remember what I just said to Mrs. Thomas or the girls but I know I said something, oh well to busy with my thoughts. I walk back in the playroom to see the girls talking to different kids. Dinah and Camila are talking to the twins, Ally is playing cars with Nathan, Normani is reading to Sarah, and I don't see Lauren. Hmm wonder where she is. "DALLASSSSSS" "LOUISSSSSS" I pick him up and spin him around. "Whatcha need kid?" "Nothin jus felt like bothering you" he says as I set him on my hip. "Dallas somebody is staring at you" "What? Where?" I ask as he points behind me. I turn to see Lauren looking at me. I wave her over and she slowly walks over. "Soooo whatcha staring at?" I ask as I move my eyebrows up and down. "Just you two." She says looking at us with that look. I know she wants to adopt Louis I can see it. I can tell when someone wants one of my little buddies. They always have that look like they don't want to tear you away from each other but do anyway. I give her a smile and set him down and walk back upstairs. I go to my room and curl into my blankets, I do this every time they take one of my buddies away. I know it's the best for them it's just hard.

*Lauren's POV*
Dallas went upstairs but I'm not sure why. I'm pretty sure I want to adopt her I just have to see what the others think. "Hey girls can you come here for a sec?" I ask and we all walk into the kitchen area. "So you want Dallas don't you?" Normani asks with a smile. "One how did you know that and Two yes what do you guys think?" I ask with hopeful eyes. I don't know what it is about Dallas it just seems like there's more than she's leading on. "You could see it in your eyes and I'm cool with it" Dinah says and the other agree. " now I have to figure out where she went." I say and go over to the doors where Mrs. Thomas first came out of. I knock then a few moments later she comes out with a big smile on her face. "Have you chosen?" "Yes I would like to adopt Dallas" I say with a big smile. She motions me in to her office and hands me her file and some papers to sign. I go through her file and It says a few things just basics but it doesn't say why she's here. "Um would you be able to tell me how she got here?" I ask as nice as possible. "Well Dallas was only two when her mom was shot by a robber. Then when she was five her and her father was in a car crash and she was the only survivor from both cars." Mrs. Thomas says looking down. After that I just sign the papers and she shows me and the girls where her room is. As we get closer to the room we can hear a faint crying. I furrow my eyebrows and ask the girls to stay outside the room for a moment. I knock on the door and push it open. "Dallas? Are you ok?" That was a stupid question if she was ok she wouldn't be crying. "Yeah I'm fine" she says just above a whisper still in a ball under the blankets. "No your not come out of there and talk to me." I say as I pick her up and set her on my lap, wow she's light. "You are going to adopt Louis aren't you?" She asks as I furrow my brows together. "He's not the one I was thinking of why?" "I don't have many friends and I get attached to some of the kids here and we become like siblings. They always get taken away though." She says with a frown. "No I had another kid in mind though." I say looking at her with a smile. "Who? A little kid? Is it the twins? Wait let me guess! Um hints!?" She says with big eyes. She may be 14 but she's still acts littler. "Well she seems like a great kid. Has really pretty blue eyes, and beautiful long brown hair. She's seems like she has a big heart that has room for anyone and anything." I say admiring my soon to be daughter, that is if she wants to be adopted. "Sarah? Nicole? Wait she has green eyes. Umm yeah I don't know anyone else." She says dead serious. "Nope not Sarah actually I'm sitting in the room with her right now." I say with a smile. It takes a second then her eyes get really big. "You want me?!?" I nod and she stands on the bed and starts jumping. "Are you sure? I'm kinda crazy." She says laughing. I stand up and open the door and the girls fall through. "So are they. You have to have a little crazy or life would be boring." I say a she giggles. This is the start of something crazy.


💚Not to sure if this story is any good or if anyone is going to read/ keep reading. Oh well we will find out. Hope you like it. I'll update as soon as possible. ~Taylor 💚

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