The Amateur Dive Game Programe

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More than eight years have gone by since New Roads! lunch and the world is still racking from its success.
Two years after its start, RetroGame Corp announced a new project: the Amateur Dive Game Programe. It consisted in a contest of virtual game concepts, ideas, universes and gameplays. The winer of each category would see his script adapted into a game, have the possibility the participate in its conception and be one of its major actionners. Five years have gone by since then and the Free to play games are out.

This second volume of the Fantasy World Online Series will follow a number of players through a day to day journal as they play Second Chance, one of the games. Read as their path crosses and parts numerous times without them knowing of it and how they influence each others.

So here is the first chapter of FWO II.
Thought i would post it since its already written. I will start posting the rest little by little to avoid spoilers with FWO I: New Roads!
Hope you like it.
Thanks for all the support from New Roads!, Especialy to chubbs97 who is my most fervent follower! Big Kiss!

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