Bonus scene - Chasing Angel

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**Please keep in mind this is a bonus scene that I just tossed together. It is in no way edited. XOXO**

There was nothing sexier than seeing Angel in the middle of a snowfall. Tiny, unique snowflakes dusting her long eyelashes, ice-blue eyes were bright and lively, and a cool breeze tinted her cheeks rosy. She was a picture-perfect real life snow angel—my snow angel. 

The image will forever stay stamped in my memory. 

She never looked more beautiful. 

Then she opened her mouth. "Stop staring at me." 

My lips twitched. "I can't help it. I appreciate beauty." 

Long strands of her auburn hair fell out from under her knitted hat. "Did you get that from a hallmark card?" 

I tugged on the end of her hair. "What if I did?" 

She blinked, snowflakes melting on her dark lashes. "I'd say that you are unoriginal and cheesy." 

Her gumption and lack of fear always surprised and amused me. "Yeah well, I'd say you better start running." 

Not a muscle moved. "What would be the point? You're going to catch me regardless."

"True, but not nearly as fun." 

"Which makes me question your definition of fun." 

Angel and I could do this love-hate-sexually-suppressed banter all day long. One of us was going to have to give. I sighed. "We better go in and help Lex decorate the tree, before she decides to kill me in my sleep." 

She tilted her head back, the smile on her lips shining brightly. "She can be scary when she wants to be. If I am going to risk her wrath, will there at least be hot cocoa?" 

I snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her beside me as we walked toward the house. "With whipped cream and candy canes. It's the only way Lex rolls." 

Her head rested on my shoulder. "You had me at whipped cream." 

I chuckled. "I knew you were easy." I wanted the last jab. 

"Hey!" Her fist embedded in my belly. "Watch yourself." 

Of course, I could have averted the cheap shot, but in my own twisted way, I liked when she got rough. 

Carrying what had to be box number fifteen from the attic, I set it by the others. Lexi and Angel each had started riffling through years worth of Winters Christmas cheer. Devin was a sentimental sap, saving every handmade ornament, beaded necklace, paper mache wreath, and all the letters to Santa. 

"This is the last of them. Now what?" I asked, waiting for my instructions from Sergeant Lexi. 

"You get the big one, Grinch," she instructed, thriving on bossing me around. 

I rolled my eyes. Of course I did. Reaching inside the box almost as tall as me, I pulled out green-needled branches and groaned. I had forgotten what a pain in my ass this tree was, putting it together was like a damn puzzle, and I hated puzzles. 

Angel watched me with a curious expression as I dangled a branch in each hand looking cross. She and Lexi were draping garland along the staircase banister, trying not to giggle at my aggravation. 

They failed. 

Cute. She was so stinking cute. 

The big, beautiful smile on her heart-shaped face made the headache I was bound to get assembling this tree all worth it. 

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