Chapter Two

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~Rina's POV~

"Get up Bug today were going to the shooting range." My dad said as he started to shack me awake.  I bolt up I have bee waiting to go to the shooting range all week. My dad chuckles as he walks out of my room. I quickly get dressed in my blush pink sweater and my blue jean overall dress. putting on some pink fluffy socks and a pair of white shoes. Grabbing my small Lama stuffie and putting him in my front pocket. I run downstairs to see my dad with the keys already heading out the door to the car. I jump in the passenger seat and buckle up as my dad starts the car and were off to the shooting range. 

Once we get there I stand quietly beside my dad as he pays for an hour of shooting for the both of us. we walk into the room and grab our selective guns. I prefer a simple handgun it's light and easy to handle and hide. Dad gave me the protective ear muffs but since we were the only two in here I refused them. and soon all you could hear in the room was the sound of my gun going off.  dad stopped after a while just watching to make sure I have proper form. 

~Ray's POV~   

I am sitting in my office with both of my parents smiling at me. "can you pls stop looking at me like that?"  I grumble out as my parents start to laugh, "I'm sorry son but were just happy you found a girl who not only is a little but is a brat at that" My father laughs out as my mother rolls her eyes. "Leave him alone darling. How about you go out to the shooting range to cool down?" My mother smiled at me. I nod my head in agreement.  I get up and go find my boys  Lucas my right-hand  man and my best friend "Lucas grab the boys were heading to the shooting range." I shout and all I can hear after is "Hell yeah!"  Josh and Traves follow after Lucas and get into there jeep. I get into my baby. And we head out to the shooting range.  Once we got there we went out and walk passed reception. and into the range and the first thing I hear is a gun going off. 

  I look over to see Rina firing the gun and an older guy on his phone. "Rina?" I say and she jumps. "Oh My God! Don't do that! Why would you sneak up on a girl with a gun?!" She ranted out. "sorry I didn't mean to scare you I just didn't think you would be here." I state and she smiles. "It's okay." As me and my guys grab our guns Rina reloads hers. "so how good are you with a gun?" I ask not really expecting an answer. "She is an excellent shot never misses." The old man speaks up. "Thanks, dad. And he's not wrong I only miss when meaning to." I smirk at her confidence. "Oh really try right between the eyes." I point to the human-shaped bullseye. She smiles at me and turns towards the bullseye and without hesitation shots and hits where I told her to perfectly I couldn't help but smile at her. "Chest" Lucas says and she shots and again hits it perfectly. "Arm," Traves says and Rina looks and him with her head turned left like a dog. "Which one?" she asked, "Oh right arm." She nods her head and shots it perfectly "Left-arm" Josh says excitedly. And again a perfect hit!   

"Wow, I think I just found my soul mate," I state. And a soft pink blush appears on Rina's face. She lets out a soft giggle that melts my heart.  "Want to hang out with me and the boys for the rest of the day?" She was about to say something but looks over to her father first. He nods his head yes "Of course Rina Go make friends" She hugs her old man and looks up at me and nods her head. 

We all ended up at a fast food place in a  booth Lucas, Josh, and Traves on one side and me and Rina on the other. "Hello, what can I get you guys?" The waitress said while looking me up and down. "I would like a ten-piece chicken nugget with apple slices and a large frys... Oh and a chocolate milkshake." Rina says laying her head on my shoulder. The waitress rolls her eyes and writes down the order. Once everyone had order the waitressed left. "Hey, Rina you tired?' Lucas ask. I look over at her to see her drifting off. She shacks her head no "nuh" she said as she tries to climb into my lap. I let her and once she is settled and cuddled into my lap as she shucks her thumb. I take her thumb out of her mouth and she wins "Rina your going to ruin your teeth." her response was cuddling into me. I couldn't help but smile. "Lucas take a picture," I whisper to him as I hand him my phone. He takes it and hands me my phone with a stupid smile on his face. I roll my eyes while I pet Rina's head.

The waitress comes back and glares daggers at Rina "Heres your food she slams it on the table before walking away. The same was so load it waked up Rina. She looks at me then at the food. she grabs her chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce and starts to eat. everyone started to eat. Once everyone was done we got up and walked up to the counter. "Hey, can we speak to the manager?" The girl at the counter shacks her head and goes to get the manager. Once the manager comes out and looks at us her head falls in submission "Yes Mr.Drago what can I help you with. "The waitress that was serving us was a bitch." I simply state. "How so?" she asks "Well she glared at Rina," I say as I point to the sleeping girl in my arms. "And when she realized that I wasn't intrusted in her she slams our food down I want her fired or I can end your career. she nodded her head and brings out our waitress "I am sorry Lilly but I am going to have to let you go." she simply states as we walk out of that place. 

The boys went home while I driver Rina home. I knock on the door and wait for her old man to open the door. Once he did I said my goodbyes and I left. 

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