Chapter 2 - Ticket To A New Life

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My lids slowly opened and I gazed around my surroundings as best as I could - I was lain down and couldn't find the strength to move. Metal panels above me gave the atmosphere a creepy feel.

The eerie silence of this place made a shiver rumble down my spine, and I would have screamed if I had enough energy when a chuckle sounded behind me.

"So, you're awake." The voice said, and it didn't take a genius to work out she was smiling. I tried to respond but all I was capable of was a croaky groan. A hand grabbed the collar on my shirt and dragged me up into a sitting position, where I could see through my hazy vision a woman. After blinking a few times to clear my eyesight I realised that this was someone I had seen before.

The woman who was about to be stabbed. The woman who I had thrown myself infront of a knife for. She was there; stood smiling at me like she had been waiting for me to wake up.

"You're in a morgue before you ask. The doctors here reached the conclusion you were dead so sent you here." As if she read my mind the continued. "I came here to resurrect you. Right now I can't be bothered to explain, we need to get out of here before someone checks their security cameras and find one of their dead patients are is walking. Don't you think that might cause a few problems for me? They might think it's a zombie outbreak! Haha..."

She pulled me onto her back and took of at an incredible speed through the cold metal environment; without even asking my permission to do so. The speed she was traveling at made me feel dizzy, but one thing I couldn't shake from my mind was when she was talking to me. 'I came here to resurrect you.'...Does that mean I was dead? What was she trying to say? And why did she risk being caught by the guards in this place just to bust be out of here?

We neared the corner of the dark cold room and the woman who's name I didn't know yet bust the two double-doors infront of us open, revealing a vast field. The moon was high in the sky, which was strange, as the last time I was awake - the last time I was outside that is - it was the sun that was lighting our path. Now the stars were glistning like tiny crystals above us, making the sky look like an endless sea of diamonds. The snow falling softly onto the ground just adding to the beauty of the scenery.

We seemed to have been running for such a long time now. We've been through forests, around the outskirts of a few towns, some of them I knew, and were still running at that almost inhuman speed,  the woman seemingly untired. I was forced to be awake souly because my nerves were doing strange things to my brain, making me jumpy and unfocused. Our pace finaly slowed when we reached the train station I knew from what I took to school.

People were looking at us - probably because it wasn't too normal to see someone being carried on another persons back - so I was placed on my feet, which I found I was very unstable on, after all - I'd nearly just been killed! Seeing this the woman lifted my weight with her arm and helped me onto a seat. She apeared to be unhapy that she had to have done so much work to get me to where-ever this train lead to.

Waiting for the train was absolutely shocking. The icy-cold breeze and snow made my legs feel like jelly as if I was about to colapse, but that was probably just due to how unstable I was aniway. Many trains had been closed due to the inclement weather, which just made waiting for a working train longer.

"So... will you explain to me why you've kidnapped me? And where your taking me? Because I'm not too used to this, you know." I said sarcasticly. She seemed bored as she replied, not even bothering to look at me as she talked.

"You can ask someone, when we get to my house that is. That's where the train will take us, my house is on a trail not too far from the station, but theres quite a hill to climb - I bought the only house so high and far away from the village. I like security you see, and I find that is better without prying eyes like neighbors."

"Thats not what I was asking!!" I could feel my face going red all over from the anger, which fortunately gave me a little warmth to shield me from the cold of the station. Her only responce was a 'hmph' and shrug. Intensly annoying.

"If thats not what you want to talk to me about, then tell me about you." I wanted to know about my captor; the mysterious and quiet type always intreguing.

And that is when I made a huge mistake. She suddenly turned to face my for the first time, and launched into conversation about herself. Seriously. I'd heard that people generaly like talking about themselves than listning to others, but this was too much! 

After listning to her talk for more than I could bear, a train arrived, and I was hauled into and onto a seat, whilst the woman continued to blabber on about herself and her hobbies. She seemed so...enthralled to have been asked to talk about herself! I have no idea how I'm going to cope if I have to live a life thats around her. She has been talking for so long, about the most trivial things. eating sushi, the great wall of China, completely random things that I couldn't care less about. Now I was the on that couldn't be bothered to respond to with more than a nod or a shrug.

Looking out of the window I saw many signs with grafitti on, most of them rude and sick. 'Love Kinky Sex' One sign read. I never understood why people wrote things like that on walls and such. Someone told me once that it was just 'making your mark', but why was tatooing things like that leaving a trace of yourself? Anione could do that!

"And thats when me and my Grandmother- wait. LISTEN!" She shouted, hitting me on the head with a newspaper and dragging me from my internal rant. A few heads turned to look at us, and for the first time in a while it was quiet.  The woman was looking at me with distaste and anger.

A light appeared on the screen infront of us, saying the name of a town which I had never heard of before. "Hmph. About time." Once again I was grabbed and pulled out of the train and into the car park outside the building we had exited through. I was guided into a expensive looking ferrari, and was driven away into the darkness.

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