Chapter I: The Reaping

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(A/N: Hello! UnordinaryAries here. Thank you for reading! Just a quick bit of information: will be using a few POV's, mainly Percy, Finnick and maybe Katniss? Anyways, ON WITH THE STORY!)

Percy's POV:

I groaned as i rolled out of bed, landing with a thud on the floor. My hair was a mess, its raven black strands tangled and messy around my face. I spat a few strands out my mouth and wiped the drool of my face as i stumbled to my feet. I had to get ready, i didn't want to be late, nobody did.

"Perce? You alright up there?" i heard my brother, Finnick, call from where he probably stood in the kitchen.

"Yeah." i called groggily back.

Fin had been very protective of me since our father died in a fishing incident and our mother disappeared when i was nine, but the Capitol didn't know that she was missing. It also really didn't help that after he won the 70th Hunger Games - at the age of 14, making history - the Capitol had threatened his loved ones - aka me, but the Capitol didn't know i was his sister, just thought i was some random kid - with death. Plus, it especially didn't help, that today was reaping day.

So i got changed, putting on a silky, light sea green dress, that looked beautiful with my raven black, wind blown hair, light olive tanned skin, and sea green eyes. The dress was all i had left of our mother. Our dad had died in the fishing incident before i was born and when Finnick was two, so we had nothing from him but his sea green eyes and messy raven black hair.

Speaking of my messy raven black hair, it was almost untameable. I was currently trying to brush the knots out, which was a painful activity. Thankfully, when it was no longer knotted, my hair was slightly spiky waves that went down to my elbows, so i put it into a ponytail, a few strands hanging loosely around my face. I didn't mind, it didn't look bad, it looked part of the style.

I looked in the mirror, this would be my first reaping, i had just turned twelve four months ago, making me, lucky enough - unlucky enough more like - to be old enough to be reaped.

I made my way down stairs, the wooden beams silent beneath me. It was a change from our old house, which creaked all the time, until Finnick won the Games and we got a home in the District 4 Victor's Village.

"Hey bro, lovely day huh?" i said sarcastically as i walked into the kitchen.

Fin chuckled, obviously trying to hide his nervousness, but i saw though him. I gave him a wolf stare, daring him to say it.

And he did.

"Your name is only in there once Perce. You're only just twelve. You can't be chosen, the chances are tiny! There's thousands of kids who are reap-able other than you." He muttered, seemingly trying to console himself rather than me.

I hugged him tightly, "Don't worry, even if i am chosen, i'll win, thanks to you." i said under my breath.

Finnick had been training me in secret with nets, tridents, daggers and survival skills since i turned eleven, incase for the rare occasion i do get reaped in the future.

Minuets flew by, Fin and i ate breakfast, which consisted of a bowl of cereal, and then we decided to go early to the Justice Building area for the reaping.

We stepped out the door, the salty smell of the sea hitting my senses as a soft wind blew. Finnick couldn't be seen with me, otherwise our secret would be blown. Why do we need it to be a secret? Because if the Capitol knew they would threaten Fin with my life. People in District 4 knew my name was Percy and that i was a friend of Finnick, but they didn't know i was Finnick's little sister. But today, if i got reaped, key word being if, they would then know.

Fin hugged me tightly, a odd situation considering he was eighteen and much taller than me, whispering in my ear, "I love you okay? Be careful." before going the quick way to the Justice Building.

I decided to take the slightly longer route, through the suburbs. 

As i walked past, some of the kids and adults that knew me greeted me along the way. I joined the big crowd of people that were headed to the sign in point when suddenly i was tackled from behind.

I let a strangled yelp escape, i struggled, my instincts and ADHD compelling me to do so. I calmed down after turning around to see my best friend, Alastor Chase, hugging me tightly.

"Al, letmme go!" i complained.

Al complied, stepping back and looking me over with his stormy grey eyes, his blonde hair clean compared to its usual dirty appearance.

"Sorry Perce, i'm just nervous. Ya know? Its our first reaping." he sighed, running a hand though his wavy blonde hair.

"And thats exactly why we can't be late. Oh poop, i'm beginning to sound like you!" we laughed.

So we set of, running after the crowd to sign in.

Alastor hugged me one more time before we had to split into our separate lines. Then, after a few minuets of horribly painful waiting - thank you so much ADHD -  i arrived at the front of the line.

"Name, and age." the lady at the table said emotionless.

"Percy O. Jackson. Twelve years old." i said quietly.

The lady searched for my name on the paper, when she found it she looked up, surprise visible on her face when she found my name on the list. But she quickly covered it with a mask of calm.

Well, the number count of people who knew the secret is now: 1.

"Finger." she ordered.

I gave her my finger, and she pricked it with a sharp needle, a tiny spike of pain in my finger as blood appeared. My blood. She took my hand and made the blood on my finger make a imprint on the sheet next to my name and then she dismissed me.

I left the station and was ushered to where the crowd of other twelve-year-old girls stood, waiting for the horrid moment of this day.

Then the mayor of District 4 walked up to the podium, and the reaping began.

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