Foreign Affairs Chapter 2

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  • Dedicated to Ashlee

"Yay you came! Nice heels there darling!" Emily complimented. I did a little turn for her to show off my ensemble. It was a short dark blue dress with a sweetheart line and to top it off with my curled hair. My matching clutch was tucked safely under my armpit while I handed Emily her gift. 

Emily was wearing a red dress that had ruffles at the bottom and an A line for her top. She looked like a princess. 

"Don't open it just yet." I winked. 

Emily placed her gift along with the hill pile present and tucked her arm underneath mine. "Come, I wanna show you a friend of mine." 

"Here he is!" Emily said. I was greeted with a glass of light red liquid. 

"Emily, I can't drink alcohol," I started to say but she cut me off. 

"Sure you can, you're 21. It's Rose Wine. Try it." Emily said, bringing the glass near me. The smell was really sweet and intoxicating. 

Oh what the hell? One glass doesn't hurt. 


I chugged down the rose wine in one gulp and finished off with a satisfied smile. 

"That's your third glass, Ava." Emily said with concern. 

I waved at her with my hand. 

"I thoght this was my second," I giggled. 


"Emily!" We both look in the direction of who was calling her name. I squinted my eyes to see but my vision was too blurry. 

"James!" Emily shouted and ran to him with bear hugs. 

My stomach started to churn badly to let me know something's about to go wrong. I placed the glass on a random surface and staggered to the nearest bathroom. I knocked on the door and turned the knob but it was lock. 

I sighed and looked for another bathroom. That too was locked. I squinted my eyes to see Emily's bedroom door. 

"Maybe she wouldn't mind me using it," I mumbled. I open the door and gently closed it. I spotted the bathroom door and made my way towards it. 

I let out a heavy sigh but burp came out that caught in my throat cause me to cough violently. 

"Damn," I said to myself. I look in the mirror and saw my hair was disheveled with loose curls. My makeup was smudged with eyeliner making it look like I cried. 

At least my clutch is still tucked under my arm. I turn on the faucet to set it 'cold' and rinsed my face to wake me up a little. I then borrowed Emily's cotton swab to wipe away the smudged makeup. 

All better. I took a small Dixie cup and poured cold water and took a drink, quenching my thirst. I let out a sigh and check my appearance once again and headed out the door. 

Suddenly my stiletto caught the threads of the bathroom mat and was sent falling. My head came in collision with the bathroom sink. The hit was so hard I blacked out from it.

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