Chapter 2

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 walked out of the bathroom, a wet Mason in my arms. Caden met me at the door, blocking my entrance. Mason turned around in my arms, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Could you move please?” I said with fake kindness

Caden stepped out of the way slightly, giving me very little room to move around. I turned so that my back was too him, slipping around him and heading back downstairs. Caden followed right behind me, annoyingly close. I slipped into Mason’s room for a few minutes to change him.

Caden looked around still blocking the doorway. I set Mason down, going through his hair with a brush.

Caden moved once I was ready to leave the room. I scooped Mason up again, carrying him down the stairs with Caden on my tail.

I sat down on the couch, stretching out so there was no room for Caden. He sat on the ground next to Mason, picking up a block. Mason took it back, clutching it to his little chest.

“Hey Mase,” I said “Can I have the block please?” I held out my hand. Mason reached forward, shoving the block into my palm. I closed my fingers around it, before rolling it back to Mason.

Caden watched the whole thing silently. “Hey Mason”

Mason looked at him.

“Can I have the block please?” Caden repeated my words.

“No!” Mason said, shaking his head. I smirked, putting a thumbs up. Caden turned around to glare at me.

“What?” I asked innocently

“I can see you in the reflection of the TV” He said quietly.

“I wasn’t doing anything” I kept with the innocent voice.

He rolled his eyes “Oh I’m sure you weren’t”

“Mase, can you pass me the remote?” I asked

“Maggot word” He stumbled out.

“What?” Caden looked at me for the translation

“Magical word. He has trouble with the ‘juh’ sound” I whispered down to him before looking at Mason “Please?”

He grinned, throwing the remote at the wall behind me. It bounced off, landing on the top of the couch. I reached up and grabbed it, turning the TV on.

“Hey Joanna you really shouldn’t be watching this with Mason around” Caden said once I stopped on South Park.

I rolled my eyes “He doesn’t pay attention to the TV”

“It’s inappropriate for his age!”

“He doesn’t pay attention! It doesn’t matter if I’m watching it or not!”

“Change the channel”


“Joanna, change the channel now”

“I want to watch this show. I’m going to watch it!”

Caden reached up, grabbing for the remote control. I caught it before he did, holding it to my chest. Caden moved, his hands trying to pry my fingers off from around it. I kept my grip tight on it as I squirmed from underneath him. Caden grunted, pulling the remote out from under my hands.

I reached for it. Caden pushed me back with one arm, holding it farther away with the other. I groaned, giving up and leaning back into the couch.

Caden waited a few moments before releasing his guard and changing the channel. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.

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