Chapter 19 : A Festival to Attend?

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"Eh..? Festival? We.. We can come with you??"

Tanjirou asked with a surprised look on his face, followed by an abnormal chuckle came from behind him.

"Hehehe~!! Going to a festival with (Y/N)-chaann~~ Aaaahhh I could only imagine if--!"

"Shut up! Weirdo!"

Zenitsu heard Inosuke loud and clear, yet the male as if he's ready to punch someone out of rage.

"Wha-?! Who are you calling weirdo?! The weirdo in this room is no one but you! Pig face!"

His friend turned around, irritated by how loud Zenitsu was.


Zenitsu had already opened his mouth, but before the two could get the chance to speak further, they were silent as they heard your voice asking for their attention once again.

"As I was saying.." Your voice trailed off after you managed to get the full attention back from the two boys.

"..The festival is tonight. And yes, everyone can come."

Everyone seems to be very happy with the news of going to a late night festival with you, especially Zenitsu. He had a plan of when he's able to have an alone time with you, he'll definitely use it to his benefit and confess his feelings. To him, there's no other perfect time for someone to confess to their loved ones but under the illuminating light during the night, not to mention if there's going to be any fireworks as the festival reached its peak.

His mind drifted into his own fantasy of where you'll cry in happiness and hugged his figure while also accepting his confession. Though, his mind had also went a bit too far as he imagined to have a world without demons, with just you and him living life to its fullest.

It sends a lovey feel to his heart, though, it was also shown clearly on his face. As you gaze to his brown eyes, you sweatdropped seeing him starting to muttered some words that you couldn't hear rather clearly.

Tanjirou was also very happy. Since the festival will start during the night, he can also bring his beloved sister Nezuko to enjoy the view of the sky full of glittery stars without having her need to hide inside of the small box. He knew that she might get bored eventually to always hide from the sun, so receiving this news may also filled the demon girl with excitement.

Although, he can't lie to himself that he do also wanted to get to spend more time with you, though in a more appropriate way than what Zenitsu had wished for.

"I'm not coming."

The sudden voice out of nowhere surprised everyone in the room.

"What are you talking about, Inosuke-san?" You asked, but the said male did not pay much attention to your words. He was only crossing his arms in annoyance and looked at the other way but your face.

Seeing his behavior made you sigh deeply, clearly indicating that you're starting to get irritated by his behaviour.

It might seemed like you're forcing him to come, but your only intention was for everyone to not feel left out. That's why you've asked all of your comrades to come and enjoy the festival together. After all, everyone deserves a break from their mission and they might just felt a little bored having to always stay inside and limit their movements, as they wait for their wounds to fully recover.

"This, festival.. They sold tempuras and much more variety of food. You know tempuras, right? The ones we ate that are--"

Before you're able to continue your words, Inosuke had started drooling over the foods he'll get to find during the festival.

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