Chapter 18 : Creating A New Bond

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After almost having enough of every fight that occured on the table, you could finally able to eat dinner properly together. Making sure that the three boys won't argue at each other was just like taking care of toddlers all at the same time.

"Is everyone done with their dinner?" You asked while cleaning up the table with the help of Tanjirou, though easily ignored by the other two as they continue with their argument in the distance of the room.

As you counted the bowls and the chopsticks, you noticed that one of them is missing. You looked around and checked the table once again before asking Tanjirou where exactly the last bowl went.

The said male flinched slightly and looked around the room. He sweatdropped as his gaze averted to Inosuke, who was wearing his own bowl as a 'hat'. But seemed like he claim it more as a crown of this 'kingdom' of his.

"HAHAHA! ZENKOSU LOST TO THE ALL MIGHTY INOSUKE-SAMA!" The dark blue-haired male exclaimed, which made Zenitsu, who was just about to go to sleep, jumped in his place and hide behind your figure. He was scared to have to sleep with someone as crazy as Inosuke, or so he said.

"Inosuke-san." You started, completely ignoring the fact that Zenitsu was about to cling onto you again. " Please give me that bowl. I'm going to return it to Hisa-San. "

Unfortunately, the asked male doesn't seem to have the intention of giving you the bowl, at least for now.
"What?! No! This is mine!"

"My mask is missing and this crown is the item to mark my new kingdom here!" He continued with his maniac laughter, which only resulting for everyone in the room to sweatdropped seeing him.

"Inosuke, your mask is not missing. It was borrowed for a moment to wash it from getting soiled." Tanjirou tried to help you to convince the male in the distance. Though once again, he didn't listen at all.

"Hah?! You mean it was taken by that old weakling?!"

"Hey! Don't be disrespectful! She already cooked dinner for us!" The burgundy-haired male decided to approach Inosuke and continues to confront him to stop being mean to Hisa, which you absolutely ignore because you had enough multiple fights in one night. Meanwhile, Zenitsu was sniffing in the corner knowing the fact that you are completely upset on the inside, as he was scared if he suddenly need your attention but only getting a glare from you instead, thus making him to leave you alone for the time being.

Opening the wooden door slightly, you excused yourself while carrying a tray of empty bowls and chopsticks. The voices of your comrade inside of the room only sounded like it muffled after you closed the door back.

Knowing that they somehow still has energy left but to spend it on arguing at each other like there's no end made you inhale the air around you deeply. You eventually started to question yourself as to how you even managed to get into the group of these three different slayers.

Though, you would be lying to yourself if you think that their company didn't make you feel left out anymore. From having the idea to avenge the people back at your village all alone, fate says otherwise and decided to unite you with the three boys, with each individuals to have their own different personalities and traits about them. And maybe even a little bit of their idiotic side.

Nontheless, you're secretly grateful for being able to meet them all.

Just as you were about to turn around and go to the kitchen to help Hisa with her chores, she was already standing outside of the room, clearly waiting for you to give her the tray, which made you jolted a little. Even if you already met Hisa longer than the boys, she always managed to taken you aback because of how fast she could walk despite of how old she is.

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