Chapter 37

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*Alana PoV 3 weeks later *
" please don't leave tomorrow " I say to Lucy as she gets up and goes to the toilet .
" I have school and so do you !" She shouts from in the bathroom .
I sigh and go back to looking through my phone.
I scroll thought Instagram and Twitter , nothing special comes up.
Hayes !
A fan posted a picture with Hayes and be retweeted it.
I have talked to him for ages .
Literally since when Lucy first got here .
I decided to call him.
( h = Hayes , a = Alana )
H: Hey Alana !
A: hey
H : we haven't spoken in ages .
A : I know .
H : how's everyone
A : everyone's really good , Skylyn misses you and Nash like hell.
* someone shouting in the background *
A : what's that ?
H : oh nothing , I have to go and perform
A : but you don't have Magcon today because you're leaving for where ever later ?
H : Huh , sorry didn't hear you , I gotta go , bye
After that he hung up
That was weird
" who was that " Lucy asks as she walks out of the bathroom
" Hayes "
We talk for a while.
" Wanna go to the outlet mall today ?" I ask her.
" YAAAAAS " she says clapping
I laugh and we get dressed .
I wear high wasted shorts and a fluffy jumper , I wear knee high white socks and black converse
Lucy wears high wasted jeans and a long sleeve turtle neck top with Air Force.
We decide to skate there .
Did I tell you I got my cast off ? Well I got my cast off haha.
We get there in under 20 minutes and shop.
We go to a few different shops , pac sun , American apparel , forever 21 and more .
We both decide to go and get in and out which is in the food court .
We order and sit at a table .
" Alana!" A familiar voice says as I'm about to bite into my burger .
I put my burger down and turn around to see kian and that girl .
" hi " I say un interested and turn back round.
Before I know it Kian and the girl come and sit at our table , making Lucy give me a confused look.
" why are you here ?" I said just looking at my burger .
" why not , I mean , we're friends aren't we ?" Kian says
" friends don't ignore eachother . Ever since I got out of the hospital you've ignored me " I say before getting up and putting my stuff in the bin.
" Alana ! That was a whole untouched meal , how could you " Lucy laughs pretending to be offended .
" come on Lucy we're going "
" my food " she says
I pick it up , put it in the bag it came with , grab my stuff , and Lucy and we walk back .
We would've penny boarded but we had too many bags .
" care to explain who that was ?" Lucy says sitting on my bed .
" Hayes' best friend , we were kinda close I guess , then I got out of the hospital and he kinda ditched me." I say .
A simple "oh" left her mouth and she changed subject.
~~ the next day ~~
" I'm gonna miss you so much " I say embracing Lucy in a hug .
" I know , who wouldn't " she says causing us both to laugh though the tears .
" flight 183 to London Gatwick now boarding "
We exchanged Byes once again and she left ,
I sighed and followed my mum to the car .
Before we walked out of the airport someone familiar was in the corner of my eye .
" NASH!" I scream whilst running to him,
Nash was there but not Hayes.
A/N guys I'm using my phone again but thank you so much for 800+ reads , you don't understand how much it means !! Sorry this is a bad chapter I just needed a filler !

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