Chapter 19 - Time goes by...

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Chapter 19

Lana's POV

"You and you, my office, now!" the head seethed. I swear, if I was in the front row, I would be able to see steam coming from his ears, like he was about to blow.

I turned to Pete and gave him a look that I hoped he would understand. Amazingly, he did - seriously, I would have to ask him how on earth he knew what my random facial expressions meant; I thought it would look like I was having a seizure - and lifted me up from under my arms and held me there with incredible strength, so I was just in time to see Leon's retreating back, closely followed by Jenna, who trailed out of the door, looking like a lost puppy.

Snickering at her stupidity, I wiggled down from Pete's hold and turned to face him. To my surprise (and embarrassment), I was a lot closer than I thought, so if he bent down -damn him and his tallness - our lips would be millimetres apart.

I flushed, and turned away swiftly. As much as I liked him, not love yet, he was invading my personal bubble. He grinned sheepishly, obviously knowing that I was uncomfortable. Honestly, I need to make sure this guy isn't some sort of vampire, because it sure seemed like he could read minds, a bit like Edward Cullen, except hopefully less creepy. I really wouldn't want him watching me as I slept.

I mentally slapped myself for my internal ramblings, and squirmed out of Pete's arms and scooped up my bag. May as well head to the torture I call Physics. Urgh, it was a REALLY dull lesson, and I thought it was pointless. Now I know it's not, but I won't ever care about how and why reflection and refraction take place!!

Never mind, I thought bitterly. It would end eventually, then it would be music, which I loved!

Ok, I lied. Physics never ended - or so it seemed. The teacher droned on and on about complete crap, and I paid no attention whatsoever to him, and instead daydreamed about what would happen to Leon. The head hated fighting, and this was Leon's second fight this week!! That could never be good, he might be suspended. What would his mum say about that?? Wait, his mum was in hospital, so was Bella. Mm, we would have to visit them after school. I hope that bastard would never show his face again, I thought angrily.

Obviously my internal ramblings may have been internal with the speech, but the facial expressions showed because a loud bang startled me.

"Miss Freston, for the third time, are you alright, you look like you need the loo!" the teacher smirked. Urgh, how I despised him. I just nodded my head dumbly, and silently prayed he would go back to teaching now.

Thankfully, he did, and the lesson dragged on, and on, with me still day-dreaming, and the teacher still ranting on about light bending in water.

To my joy, the bell rang, and the only lesson left was music. Luckily, I shared this class with Elliot, Pete and Leon, so I wouldn't feel too excluded.

Hey ho, and off we go.

Leon's POV

I trudged out of the door, following behind an extremely pissed off head. Eek, that can never be good, especially since I hadn't been here long.

We (Jenna and I) were walked all the way to the head's office, were the door was slammed open, and were ushered inside to await our doom.

"Mr. Jones, Miss. Bailey," he started, running a hand through his greying hair, sighing deeply. "I am extremely disappointed in you, especially as you, Mr. Jones have not even been here a week!"

I bowed my head in shame. As much as I didn't care about teachers getting angry, I couldn't stand when they got all soppy and do the whole 'I'm-so-disappointed-in-you-what-have-you-got-to-say-for-yourself' speech.

Jenna, however, sat next to me smirking triumphantly at me being in more trouble than her. God, she annoyed the heck out of me.

The joke was on her though, as Mr. Helking (the head) turned on her:

"Miss. Bailey, I do not know what you are smirking at, this is hardly the first, second or even third time you have been in here for disruptive behaviour!"

It was so, SO tempting to say to Jenna underneath my breath, "so you've been here four times," but I didn't think that that would help my case!

"The two of you will be suspended for the rest of the week, and I will be informing your family, now get out of my office and go home."

Without an argument, we left the office and headed our separate ways. Not without a glare to eachother first, of course.

I didn't go home though, I just sat in the nearby park and waited for Lana. I send her a text for her to meet me at the park.

I settled into the swings and waited for her to arrive, knowing it would be a good hour or so before she got here.

I waited an hour; no sign of her.

I waited another hour; no sign of her.

Yet another hour; still no sign of her.

I called her phone over and over again; I waited and waited and waited.

But she never arrived.

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