Chapter 7

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"Honk, honk." I heard a car horn went off. I peeked through my bedroom room. A silver ferrari was parked in front of my house. I took a closer look to see the driver. Travis waved at me from his seat.

I smiled and took another look in the mirror before heading outside. I wore a mini skirt and a pink haltor back top with a pair of black pumps.

"Miss me?" I asked Travis as I closed my door.

He chuckled, "What happened to the respectfully 'Good Morning'?" He started the engine.

I smiled, "Good Morning Travie."

"Good Morning Kody." He replied before speeding off.

"My mom says that she wants to meet you." I looked at Travis to see his expression.

He grimace, "Do I have to?"

"Yep. You do, huns. You got no choice." I answered laughing.

Travis face went pale. I laughed harder. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, " You'll do great. She's love you."

"It's not that I'm worried about. It's your father." Travis stated.

I smiled, "You don't need to worry about him. He doesn't care about those things. Only that I am sixteen before I start to date."

Travis shot me a confused look, "But you're fifteen."

"Yep. And you've now turned seventeen. I never did tell them that you and I were together. So act normal okay?" I questioned him.

Travis sighed, "It'll be hard but okay."

I smiled and gave him a kiss.

Travis pulled away, "Babes, we can't do this now. I don't want to kill you."

I groaned, "Okay. In school?"

"Of course." Travis shot me a smile. My heart melted.

Travis parked in his usual spot in the parking lot. Sloan came to greet us, his arms around Sophia.

"Hey, hot chick!" She called out to me excited.

I smiled, "What's up, FiFi?"

"Oh my God! Like all the girls are so jealous of our hair. Next big trend!" She sounded like Sarah.

I realized the words didn't come from Sophia. I turned around to see Sarah walking up to us, Ashely right beside her.

"Hey Sarah, Ashely." I greeted the two.

Ashely gave me a small wave. Kent, a tall blond hair gray eye boy walked up to Sarah.

"Hey, Babes. Love the new hair." He gave Sarah a small kiss. Sarah had her dark brunette hair with highlights of hot pink in it.

"Thanks." Sarah smiled, the love in her eyes.

Ashely rolled her eyes, "I like so need a BF."

A girl with dark brown hair and blonde streaks with a natural tan walked up to us, "Well I am suprised that you haven't yet and you're dressed like that." Katerina stated disapprovingly.

Everyone turned their head to look at Ashely's outfit. She wore a really tight mini skirt that made her thongs print out and a white, transparent top with a push up bra that exposed clevage and sported honey blonde and light blue hair.

"How are you allowed to come to school with that?" I questioned.

Ashely smiled, "Well most teachers don't care and those that do, I just fix myself for their class." She paused, "And I had sex with the two guards."

Everyone groaned. Katerina screwed up her face and gave Ashely a hand, "Girl, that was an all time low. You nasty!"

I enjoyed hearing her speak with her Mexican/ ghetto accent.

Ashely scoffed, "That is so not nasty. I like having sex. What's wrong with that?"

"Everything. You expect to get a man when you hoeing 'round the place like that? De ninguna manera! Usted es una puta!" Katerina exclaimed.

Katerina just called Ashely a slut in Spanish. Ashely looked offended, "Now you know that I don't know spanish, Katerina."

Everyone rolled their eyes. Poor Ashely. She was so dumb. How could you be living in Argentina and don't know Spanish?That was one of our native languages. Well she didn't even know english properly so imagine spanish. I looked at my watch. Fifteen more minutes until bell rings.

"I'm sorry guys but Travis and I have some business to attend to. Travis gave me a confused look. I shot Travis a look that explained what I was talking about.

Realization came to his face, "Yep. Got to go. Bye guys."

I walked Travis to huge tree at the side of the school. That was the spot where children usually went for privacy.

I stood by the tree. Travis hugged me, "You really want to make out don't you?"

"But of course." I answered.

Travis walked closer to be, leaning over my small body, one hand proping him against the tree.

He slowly leaned closer and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. My lips moved against his. His lips felt soft and heavenly on mine. The kiss got more intimate. Travis pushed me against the tree. My hands interwined in his messy hair.

His hand moved on my back, the other on my neck. I pulled away, caughting a breath to breathe. Travis lips traced the line of my jaw. I bent back my neck as his kisses moved along it. He kissed along my collar bone. I moaned in pleasure.

I kissed Travis again. This time, it was more urgent. I could not get enough of him. My tongue interwined with his playfully. He gently bit my bottom lip. I trailed my tongue along his lip. The make out sesion lasted forever. The bell rang. Travis groaned between my lips.

I pulled away from the kiss. "We need to get going."

"Just a little while longer." He kissed me again.

I could not break away from this kiss. My longing for him was too much. I heard laughter by the wall. Travis pulled away.

"You heard that?" He questioned.

"Yeah. I did." I answered.

I walked past Travis to the wall near the tree where we were kissing. Sarah, Katerina, Kent, Sloan, Ashley and Sophia.

Anger filled me, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Umm. Just chilling." Sarah answered giggling.

Travis spoke now, "What a coincidence that you guys are just chilling when Kody and I  are having a moment."

"We were so spying on you guys making out." Ashely said it like she was drunk and had a silly smile on her face.

Anger filled me again.

Kent smiled, "You guys were having it out! Thought we would have to call the ambulance for you guys."

Everyone laughed except for Travis and I.

Katerina moaned twice, mocking me. They all laughed.

My face got red. I sighed, "You guys shouldn't have done that. That is our privacy. You guys made out with people already. You should know what I mean."

Their face filled with guilt. "I should really get to my line." I said before I grabbed my handbag and walked past them.

I heard Travis say to them all, "Great. Now you guys got her all upset. Brilliant work."

I ignored them all and walked to the line, still upset. I felt like I wanted to cry.

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