Chapter 2 - New friendship

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“It’s so great to be back in London! I missed it!” I say.

“I’m too.” Zayn says.

“So boys, what could we do tonight?” Harry asks.

“Nando’s Nando’s Nando’s!!!! Please!” Niall answers.

“Ok ok, be quiet Nialler. We could go to Nando’s. But what would we do before?” I ask.

Sometimes it really annoy that he wanna go every day to Nando’s, but we get used to it.

“Oh I have an idea. What about roller skating?” Liam says.

“Roller skating? Why not?” Harry replied.

“Yes, that’s a good idea! That’s what we’ll do tonight.” I say.

It would be great to do this with the boys!


Beep. Beep.

“Hello?” I say to the person who calls me.

“Hey, it’s me Nicola. Wanna go with me roller skating tonight?” She asks me.

“Oh yes, this sounds great. When do we meet?”

“At 7pm in front of the skating rink, ok?”

“Ok. So see you than!” I say.

I’m really happy right now, because I have a new friend and she helps me, and she also wanna meet me. That I never thought today morning, whilst this stupid boys annoy me!


When I arrived I can’t see Doreen. So I attract my skates. While I’m waiting, I watch the other persons skating. There are many teenagers, also a group of five boys…

Oh no!

This is my brother and his friends. Now he has seen me too.

“Hey sis. What are you doing here?” Liam asks me.

“Erm.. I’m waiting.” I answer.

“Uuuhh she has a date an the boy didn’t come! Haha.” He tease me.

“False. I wait for my friend. Look there she comes.” I say. “Hey Doreen, I’m here!”

She comes over to me and hugs me.

“Hey boo, you didn’t tell me that also other friends from you come with us.”

“Well, this is my brother Liam.” I say, pointing at him. “And the other 4 idiots are: Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis.”

“Hey Doreen.” Harry says with a cheeky grin.

“Hi boys.” She answer, staring at Niall.

Seemed it only for me, that she blush when he looks at her? I must ask her after this if she likes him!


Wow… I’m overwhelmed. This girl –Doreen, is so pretty.


It’s love at the first sight!

“How long are you here in London?” I ask her.

“Well since Saturday I live here.” She answers.

“So you don’t know much about London, right?” Harry asks.

She nods.

“Wanna that we five good-looking boys show you this beautiful city?” He asks with a cheeky grin.

“It would be great, but only when Nicola comes with me!” She says looking at her.

“If you like!” Nicola says.

“When you clear it up, can we than go roller skating?” I ask.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Liam says.

It was really funny, because Doreen haven’t done it before and almost every minute she falls.

“Oh man, I’m too stupid for it.” She mumbles.

“No, you only need practice!” I say.

“Yeah maybe.”

“When I do it the first time, I was really, really bad! And now look I can it.” I say with a big smile.

“C’mon I’ll help you.” I say and grab her hand. Now I show her, how she must move her feets.

Haha that’s really funny, because she does it like a penguin. No, not really, but it looks a little bit like a penguin.

“Haha no, do it like me… Look!” And so I show her, how I roller skate. I turn a round, but when I arrive, where I thought  Doreen waits, she wasn’t there. I was confused.

“Buh!” Someone shouted from behind me and I frighten.

“Haha hey Nialler.” Doreen smiles.

“Boa Doreen!” I say angry, but I must laugh too. “Do this never again, ok?”

“Mmmhh.. maybe.” She answer with a cheeky grin.

I tickle her, but I didn’t remember that we have roller skates on, so we both fall down and laugh even more.

“Oh man Niall! You’re really crazy.” She says between laughing.

“Yeah I know! But you’re exactly the same!” I replied.

I help her to stand up.

“So let’s take another accempt.” She says, looking at me. I give her my hand and so we roller skate. She can it now a bit better and it didn’t loke like a penguin anymore.

“Wow you learn really fast!” I say.

“Hmm.. I have a good teacher.” She says, giving me a smile.

“Haha thanks.” This makes me happy.

We skate some rounds, after the other join us, we all skate together. Harry gives me that cheeky grin I hate, but I don’t know why he gives it to me.. till I remember that I still hold Doreen’s hand in mine. We make a break and so I let her hand loose.

“Hey girls, do you wanna drink something?” Zayn asks.

“Yeah a cola please.” They answer.

Zayn and Liam go to buy the drinks. Louis talks to the girls, so Harry gives me again this cheeky smile.

“What?” I say.

“You and Doreen are a cute couple.” He says.

“Oh man..” I blush and turn around to listen to Lou.

A few minutes later Zayn and Liam come back and give each a drink. I didn’t noticed, but I’m really thirsty.

After the break we skate again some rounds, but slowly I get hungry.

“Hey guys, can we go to Nando’s now? I’m hungry!” I say.

“Yeah, me too.” Nicola replied.

So we all go to Nando’s, it wasn’t far away from the skating rink.

Harry and I order the food.

“Buon appetit!” I say, while I grabbing my food.

“Thanks, and the same to you.” Doreen says, with a smile.

We sit a long time in Nando’s. It was like we know eachother for years, not like a few hours.

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