Chapter sixteen.

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Goodbyes had never been this hard for me.

I was currently seated by a counter in the kitchen, sipping a glass of spirit.

Why a kitchen of all places? She'd ruined other places for me, that's why. I couldn't even bear a second in my own suite without thinking about her; about the time we spent together in the same space, about her nightly battles, about that daring way her golden eyes always met mine, about the feel of her lips on mine, of her skin against my touch...

I gobbled down the entire content of the glass in a single gulp and grimaced.

Even the kitchen was not a safe place to shy away from those ridiculous thoughts.

I was going soft, I was losing control and I didn't like it one bit.

The words 'you can't have me!' sounded like a challenge, like a dare and almighty Mike never backed down from a dare.

"But it'll be best for everyone if you stay the fuck away from her." It wasn't my subconscious this time, it was Fuhad and he was pouring himself a drink from a distance not far away from where I was seated.

The asshole must've had some kind of death wish.

"You've got some nerve." I spat and he nodded.

"Yes, I agree I have got balls to come find my friend in a time of need even if I got strict orders from my boss not to." My hand tightened around the glass I was holding on to. Fuhad was beginning to get on my nerves.

"I did what I had to do Mike. I did it for you." He started but I wasn't going to have any of his bullshit.

"I don't bloody remember seeking your help, I——"

"I did it because I was afraid you'll fall for her and lose everything you've worked so hard for. Do you still think I'm wrong? Do you think you won't become weak with miss law and order by your side?" I frantically searched for a comeback, "and it was appropriate to solve the problem by elimination?," was all I could manage in return.

"I don't see why not," he shrugged nonchalantly, "It hadn't been a big deal until recently. Do you see why she has to go?"

"She's gone goddammit!" I growled menacingly. I didn't like what he was hinting at, I didn't like it one bit.

"As hell she is!, that's exactly why you're sulking your ass out and drinking your sorrows away in a kitchen, almighty Mike." 

"It's Almighty Mike to you!"

"That's exactly what I said. If you aren't so busy finding it hard to suck up the bitter truth, you would have noticed."

"I won't have you—–"

"Yes, I know I'm disrespecting my superior. I just came here to remind you of your position and the role of an Almighty. We both know how many blood you shed and how many heads to stepped on to climb this high. You should consider that before chasing after the bitch you fell for—–" I stopped thinking to his garbage when I heard him call my angel bitch, a powerful punch from me interrupted him.

"She's not a bitch okay?! I haven't fallen for her!" I yelled in frustration. He simply smiled and wiped off the blood trickling down his nose.

"Of course you haven't, that's why she made you dance to her tunes with a gun to her head and exactly why you haven't smashed some ass since her. That's why she managed to mar our friendship and of course, the reason why you're on the verge of beating the crap out of me. What other proof do I need to ascertain that you haven't fallen for her?" I grabbed his collar but he shrugged me off.

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