Chapter 1

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How it all started? And how it came out? What is the balance of all these experiences?

Well, these are valid questions. The answers may disappoint. Maybe because it's been a while. After all, what matters in life is what he does for living, whom he married, and his /her social level. The essence of each one, in short.

Why then recycle those semi-infant memories? Why return to remember facts that no longer match the current reality? Why, my good God,  can’t let all this in dark shelf on the right side of the brain?

There is only one answer: הּבֿהּאּ (Ahava).

The love I feel for what I’ve lived and don't live anymore.

Living means getting involved. This is a very important lesson that I keep forgetting .

 I write to rescue the color of these memories from the fence of oblivion. Get it out of there and put it in the place where it never should have left: inside  my heart.

Well, after this sentimental introduction, I’m left   only with the  starting point. Start exactly what?

A: My brief history on Israeli dance.

At the beginning there was only Nenê. His leaká was simply sensational.

Composed of older people, yes it’s true, but that was seen positively at that time. Teenagers  did not  rule absolutes at that time.

Maybe it was the most creative time of Israeli dance. At least that that I saw. Young choreographers were beginning, the Hebrew Festival was living its peak at national level and the people of Sao Paulo didn't act like they own the place  (which, unfortunately, they own today).

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