7: we are a team!

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I opened the window of my room letting the fresh morning air get in, touching my face and calming my soul. I closed my eyes to feel the rhythm of the quiet waves of the wind whispering the musical notes into my ears.

A knock on the door made me open my eyes and I took my Dupatta from the bed and went to open the door. I opened the door and saw that Aiza Bhabhi was standing with a smiling face.

"Bhabhi! Come in.." I said to her and she came in the room and sat on my bed while I went towards the dressing table and started prepping my face with moisturizer and day cream.

"Aayat, actually I thought why don't we go for shopping today? It can be a girls day out as I thought it's Saturday and you will also be at home.." she asked me with a smiling face.

Oh no. I forgot to inform to my family that I had to go to the university today because of the donation camp. Biting my tongue,I looked at her reflection in the mirror and said ,

"Oh Bhabhi, so sorry... But I have to go to university today because I am volunteering at the donation camp happening at the university."

She came towards me, kept hand on my shoulder and assured to me,

"Aww it's okay sweetie. And besides we can still go tomorrow. Don't be sorry."

"You should be sorry Aayat, you can't be abandoning my wife on plans like that!" Here comes my dramatic brother.

I just rolled my eyes at her and asked to Aiza bhabhi,

"Bhabhi, see.. there are so many jealous people out here. Just because you were to go with me rather than him, he is being rude to me"

She nodded at me and glared at Umair Bhai while he smiled at her cheekily. She slapped on his arm playfully and said,

"God! From when did you start eavesdropping Umair? What should I do of your brother Aayat."

Umair Bhai made an innocent face and dramatically kept his hand on chest and said,

"So now you both girls are ganging up against me. Fine! I am going.. just came here to call you two for breakfast but it seems like there is no value of people of good heart here. Bye"

He exited the room and we both bursted into laughter. After I controlled myself I neatly tied the beige coloured hijab on my head and went downstairs with Aiza Bhabhi.

We all did the breakfast and I informed both my parents about the camp. They were really happy that I was a member of such a wonderful team which aims at helping others.
Abba also gave me a cheque of 20,000 Rs for donation. Umair Bhai too promised me that he will come to the university in evening to receive me and also will make some donation personally.

In no time I was sitting in the car with Umair Bhai . He dropped me to the university and by the time I reached university, I saw my girls already standing at the gate waiting for me.

I bid goodbye to Umair Bhai and than went towards the girls.

"Hey Aayat... We were just about to call you.." Humaira said while we wore our badges and than entered inside the gate of the uni.

"Yeah.. well I got a bit late due to traffic. " I replied.

"Aren't you girls excited! I mean it's our first event and I can't wait to get started with it already." Soniya said as we were now standing into the university's ground which had been turned into the main area for the event as the desks and chairs have been arranged here.

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