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WANDA WAS CERTAINLY SCEPTICAL WHEN SHE, DUSTIN AND STEVE HAD FOUND THEMSELVES CLOSE TO FINDING DART, THE SUPPOSED LIZARD TURNED BABY DEMOGORGON THAT HAD MANAGED TO ESCAPE THROUGH BITING BRICKS. Perhaps it was the overwhelming thought of becoming a dinner? From what Dustin had described, Dart had an unanimous growth spurt that reminded her of a story of her mother's sister. Lucas Sinclair was on his way with a slingshot

They were at the junkyard with had a certain stench. It almost reminded Wanda of the apartment her family had stayed in during their time in Sokovia. The teen could hear Dustin's anxious thoughts ravaging his mind. It was almost annoying.

Their previous trail of meat contributed with the stench. The smell was oozing off of them.

Soon enough, Lucas and a red haired girl had made their entrance, the boy yelling to Dustin while the ginger stayed quiet. Wanda noticed how Dustin's mind fogged slight, almost like he was suppressing negative thoughts. For ages Wanda could hear the boys bicker, squabbling about the red haired girl, whom she learn was called Max.

''Hey dickheads! How come the only one helping me is Wanda and this random girl?'' Lucas' face scrunched up in confusion when he mentioned Wanda.

''Who's Wanda?'' Wanda perked up, a smile crossing over her pale face.

''Hello!'' She waved, her eyes scrunched together as her lips widened into a bright smile. Lucas didn't want to seem impolite or like a dick, but he just didn't have any familiarity. However he did remember her from the arcade. The girl who managed to give them a few more quarters so they could play some extra games.

An awkward silence enveloped them and soon enough they all found themselves contributing, ending with Steve dosing the meat in gasoline.

When night fell, the newly founded group found themselves inside the bus, just camping out. Dustin seemed pissed at Max, asking her why she was there if she didn't believe in them. That resulted in Max climbing onto the roof, in the companionship of Lucas.

''You shouldn't have done that. There isn't anything better than having a pissed girl,'' Wanda looked over to Steve who was sporting a proud parent look. ''Why are you acting so smug? It's your advice that got him here.''

''Well if I hadn't told him any advice then he wouldn't have had the fucking ability to actually realise she was just toying with him.''

''Just because she didn't have feeling for him doesn't mean she just wants to screw him up.'' Wanda argued her eyes gleaming as her aggression rose.

''Like you haven't been an ass to me or anyone throughout your stay here. You've been a total brat, acting like you own everything.'' Steve retorted, glaring at the girl. ''If anything you're just a freak!''

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