"Hermione," she squeezed her arm the moment she saw it as she turned to face her, "I see it!"

"Wait until we get inside," she grinned as she guided her along even quicker than before.

They walked down the street, maneuvering around people to get closer to the shop. It took a few minutes to finally get inside and when they did, Iris found herself even more impressed than she expected she would be.

Products were all around, some flying around, others hanging from the ceiling, but most of them were placed on shelves all around the shop. There were so many people around she could hardly see any of the products. Almost everyone was laughing at something and their chatter was defeaning. And then, above the ruckus, a voice was heard, as if they were speaking with a microphone.

"Ladies, gentlemen and children, welcome to the launch of our new product; the Chocolate Dam!"

Cheers were heard around the shop as Iris got on her tippy toes in an attempt to catch sight of George. She didn't manage that all that well. Still, she could hear his voice.

"A pranking tool unlike any other! It seems like chocolate—harmless, delicious—but the moment you eat it, it unleashes the worst flavour you've ever tasted. You may give it to an enemy, someone you'd like to get to have a laugh with or even give it to a sibling – I know I would have done that without question!"

A few laughs were heard around the room and George chuckled as well. "There's a discount today. Enjoy!"

Iris couldn't help but grin as she turned to Hermione. "I wonder what it would taste like for me."

Hermione scrunched her nose up in disgust. "Why would you want to find out? It'll taste disgusting anyway!"

"Still, I'll know what's the worst thing I've ever eaten."

"It's not worth it, Iris, definitely not worth it," a new voice piped in.

Iris only chuckled as she looked around, soon enough catching sight of a red head and the one whose voice she had heard. At once, she grinned. "Ron!"

Ron turned to face them with an extremely wide smile as he started making his way over. When he was close enough, he placed an arm around Hermione's waist and leaned in to peck her lips before he turned to Iris.

"Did you hear George's speech?"

"We did," Hermione answered before Iris could. "I thought you'd be the one to do it."

"George is way better at this than I am," he pointed out with a shrug, "you know I'm not good with people and speeches."

Iris smirked, "So, you chickened out?"

Hermione grinned as Ron gasped. "That's an incredibly serious accusation!"

"You don't have any proof," Hermione sided with him at once.

Ron grinned in return as Iris rolled her eyes. He took a look around the room, seemed to spot someone before he turned to Iris once more. "George is over there beside the shelf with the Chocolate Dams. I've told him I'll be leaving now. You don't mind if I steal Hermione from you, do you?"

"Of course not," Iris assured him at once, "I'll just go find George. After all, the shop's closing in a while."

"Do you have your keys with you in case you want to return to our apartment?" Hermione asked, almost worried. Iris nodded as she took out her keys from the pocket of her coat and jiggled them in front of her for a moment before she put them back inside. Hermione smiled as Ron started tugging her away. "See you later, Iris!"

She only waved at them in return as they got lost in the crowd. She looked around in search of George and after a short while, she found him. He was explaining something to a few customers, a wide smile on his lips as he gestured to his products. Slowly, she walked by his side. He didn't notice her as he kept doing his job, attempting to sell as much of his work as possible. It was a few minutes later he caught her eyes. His smile seemed to soften at the sight of her as he gestured to her to come over. She followed his instructions. The moment she was close enough, he turned to his customers.

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