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Jungkook changed into his tuxedo, Dahyun wore a white blouse and black skirt. They went to Mrs. Jeon's funeral, Mr. Jeon is there, Junghyun is there, their other relatives came, and BTS are there. Jungkook's friends came too, Yugyeom, Mingyu, Eunwoo, Jaehyun, DK. And for GFriend, only Eunha came with JHope.

"Condolences, bro." They said and hugged him. Dahyun stayed with her brother.

"You came." Jin said. Dahyun just forced a smile. Mr. Jeon cried a lot, he couldn't believe his wife is dead. They burned her body, Dahyun remembered how their parents got burried when they were young. Jungkook is right, Dahyun couldn't take remembering how her parents got under the ground, what more if they are burned in front of you?

Dahyun excused herself and came inside the church, she waited there. She cried for Jungkook.

"There you are." It's Jimin and he sat beside her.

"Sunbae." Dahyun wiped her tears.

"You met Mrs. Jeon?" Jimin asked, Dahyun nodded. "Such a very nice woman, she treats Jungkook's friends as her off springs."


"Jungkook needs someone right now. He admires his mother a lot. Sad to say... Be with him, Jungkook has a very sensitive heart, soft heart... He cries easily, not because he is weak, but he is strong to let his emotions out." Jimin held her hand. "He'll listen to you."

Jimin excused his self and Dahyun just stayed there. Her phone rang, Jungkook called her.

"Where are you? Did you leave?"

"N-no, I'm at the church. I'm coming." She said and stood up, she got back to them and he's looking for Jungkook. He's talking to his relatives.

"Are you okay, with him?" Jin asked her.


"Talk to him." He said. She feels good when everyone tells her to talk to him, she doesn't need to hide that he's okay with him. It's not everyone who knows what happened between them, Dahyun approached him.

"Kim Dahyun, right?" A middle aged man asked her, Jungkook looked behind him. Dahyun smiled at the man and bowed at him. Jungkook held her hand.

"This is my girlfriend, uncle." He introduced.

"Oh, I know. It's not like you're not always on the news, she's so beautiful in person. Hi, I'm Jungkook's uncle. His mom's cousin."

"Hello, sir." Dahyun had shook hands with him.

Mr. Jeon came out, Mrs. Jeon's ashes are placed in a casket.

"I'm going back to Busan." Mr. Jeon said.

"You could go." Dahyun told Jungkook.

"I can't leave." He said.

"Of course you can. Don't you want to accompany your mom going home?" Dahyun asked.

"Why don't you go with him?" Junghyun asked.

"S-sorry oppa. I can't." Dahyun said. "Go with them, Jungkook."

Jungkook took a deep breath and nodded.

"Be careful." She said, Jungkook nodded and they get inside the car. His relatives and most of his friends left the place, Dahyun stayed there until the car moved away from there.

"Dahyun." She took a deep breath and turned around, It's Eunha.

"I heard what happened to you, and now happening to Jungkook."

"It's on the news." Dahyun said not looking at her.

"Please... Take care of him." Dahyun looked at her. "I know how much he loves you, you're both lucky to have each other. I'm sorry... For everything, I couldn't talk to Jungkook earlier to apologise. But I am going home to Hoseok oppa now, thanks to him. I realized how important to value your parents and siblings while they're here, I never experienced to grow up with a mother and a father. Still, I don't want to lose my opportunity to have it now. I'm going back to our province, and when I get back here, it's a different and a nicer Eunha. I'm sorry again, Dahyun. Take care."

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