Chapter 2: Toriel

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After walking for a couple minutes your group enters a vast room with a small patch of grass and in the middle of it a small flower appears out of the ground. The flower has five golden yellow petals and two soulless looking charcoal black eyes.
"Howdy! I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!" The flower says with a cheery tone.
"Ummm… Hi Flowey. I'm (Y/N) and this is my little sister Frisk." You motion towards the slightly shorter girl next to you. "We're kinda in a hurry so will you please allow us to pass?" You pull Frisk closer to you, while Flowey ignores your request.
"You must be new to the Underground, aren't cha? Golly you must be SO confused! Somebody otta teach you two how things work down here." Flowey giggles a little bit with a smile plastered on his face.
"Um, no thanks we should be fine by ourselves." You respond nervously as Flowey smile turns malicious.
"I guess little ol' me will have to do. Ready?" Flowey winks and sticks his tongue out in a cute playful manner.
"Please don't!" You beg as SOUL flashes in front of you. Being a mage you already know about soul typing and what your attribute is. Your yellow soul of Justice floats in front of you as everything goes black and white. "W-what's going on?" Flowey giggles once more.
"Didn't you EVER learn about battles with a monster, mage? This is how it goes."
"A battle? But why? We have done nothing for you to battle us!"
"Well you see young mage, in this world it's KILL or be KILLED!" Suddenly white pellets surround all around you as they start closing in on you the flower lets out an evil laugh before shouting. "DIE!" Suddenly Flowey gets hit by a fire ball and goes flying.
"Oh my goodness! Are you alright, my children? You are not hurt are you?" 
"I'm fine, thanks." You finally look up at who saved you. She appeared to be a tall humanoid goat monster? She was wearing a dark purple dress with a strange white symbol that complimented her snow white fur and kind, caring eyes.
"That is great, my children. I am Toriel, caretaker of the ruins. I come here every day to see if anyone has fallen down. You two are the first humans to fall in a very long time. May I ask for your names?" She asks kindly.
"My name is (Y/N), and this is my little sister Frisk, she can't speak and our kitten Kendra is around here somewhere..." you hold out your arm as Kendra jumps onto your hand and climbs up to your shoulder.
"How did you three fall down here and not get hurt?" You stiffen and look away.
 "You would hate us if we told you…" You say softly facing towards the ground.
"My child, I would never hate any of you." Toriel kneels down to look you in the eyes. You sigh as your (e/c) eyes turn to a bright yellow.
"We're mages… and I saved us with a spell..." you look back down waiting to be yelled at.
"My child, would either of you hurt anyone here?"
"No!" You look at her surprised and Frisk shook her head.
"Then you may come with me and I shall keep you safe." Toriel smiles and leads you into the ruins.

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