Author's Note

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Thanks for picking up Heavy Frequency! Just a couple of (OK, technically three) quick things before you dive in...

You're welcome to leave comments. You're also absolutely, completely, one hundred per cent welcome not to leave comments. I genuinely don't mind either way, so if you're happier reading without stopping to type, it's all good. Go for it. Enjoy.

I prefer to receive in-depth critique only from my trusted critique partners, so if you like to get chatty on stories please respect my request that you don't offer detailed feedback in comments or messages here. Thanks!

This is book one of a trilogy. It's no longer a work in progress and is now complete and being set adrift twice-weekly on the tide of Wattpad. Yep, the whole thing exists in full already so you can rely on the update schedule. This means I'm not currently planning any further revisions or edits and I've moved onto book two.

I've had so much fun creating this world and these characters. Thank you for exploring with me! Much love and happy reading

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