Chapter I: I Love You's

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Present day...

"I love you, Andrea," 

Andrea Owen looked up at Edward, wide-eye with shock after hearing those three words. 

She shook her head from side to side, "No, no, no. You can't Edward," she said as she pull away from his embrace and walked to the other side of her apartment. 

"Why can't I?" he said as he walked towards her. 

For the two full months they have been together, doesn't he know that whenever she is in this mood, she doesn't want anyone near her? 

She hold her hand up to Edward's direction, palm facing him. She collected her thoughts and searched for a very plausible answer, but came up with none. 

"Just because..." she said, keeping her eyes at the floor to ceiling glass window of her apartment, showing the noon light showering downtown LA with its radiant glory. 

She felt Edward walk up to her and put a finger underneath her chin to make her look at him. 

"Is it because I'm too old for you?" he asked with utmost seriousness. 

She looked at his gray eyes, the pair she had come to like and felt the seriousness of his tone. 

"No," she said, honestly. 

For Andrea Owen, it is never about the age or the age difference. Dang! She likes going out with older men. They are mature creatures. Super unlike the men of her age who only cares about their hair, and their tight denim jeans, and their face. Ugh! Vanity.

"Then why?" 

She raked her head for an answer and decided on telling him the truth. 

"I just don't feel it," she answered, finally able to let her eyes wander as Edward remove his finger. But it was only short-lived, as Edward cupped her face to allow her nowhere else to look but his face.

Andrea had to admit, Edward Morrison's face is not bad. In fact, he is handsome with his carefree and sexy demeanor, but she does not love him. She just plainly like him. Period.

"Because you won't let me," he whined and here they are again. The sex talk. 

"Ed, you know how I feel about premarital sex," she looked at him with disbelief. 

"I know, I know. But you said you weren't feeling it," he said and with that, she sighed. 

"Edward, it is not your love I am not feeling. I know and I feel that you love me but... It is us. Our relationship," she said, putting her hands on top of his. 

"What about it?" he asked as he watch the woman who wouldn't accept his love look into his eyes in the same seriousness he is feeling.

"I fear that this relationship of ours is something that is not for permanence, and your love is not requited," she answered, honestly, again. 

It is now Edward's chance to sigh, "Andrea," was all he said. 

She smiled at him, "I want my first I love you's to be with the one I feel strongly connected to and in love, of course," she said and removed his hands from her face and walked up the glass window. 

"And it's not me?" asked Edward, not bothering to come up to her. 

She half-turned to him with an apologetic expression, "I'm sorry," was all she said. 

Edward then closed his eyes and inhaled then after the long drag, he exhaled. 

"Then I guess you would want to be friends?" he asked suggestively with a smile which she unhesitantly returned.

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