The alley way.

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It was about 2:37am and Thomas and I were walking home from a crazy party. I took a short cut threw an alley way. There were no lights and it was hard to see. As we walked down the alley way I saw a black shadows coming closer. "Well hello there dearies" a voice yelled from the distance. It was a man and his gang dressed in black hoodies. They were holding weapons. "Love don't look or talk to them, just do as I say. Stay with me" he whispered. He grabbed me by the waist and took me to his side holding me. As they came closer they stopped in front of us. "Well that's rude, you could've said something" he said in a husky voice. He held a gun up to Thomas' head. I couldn't talk. I was speechless and scared. Thomas stopped and he kept me close while the gun was held up to his head. Tears built up in my eyes and streams of water came rushing down my cheeks. But I remained silent. "I'm very sorry, hello" Thomas softly said. The man still holding the gun up to Tom's head said "now, now that's more polite". I hated the guy I wanted to kick him right where the sun don't shine. "Please, please don't hurt him" I didn't realise that I somehow stood in front of Thomas, now the gun pointing at my head. "Oh you love him do ya?" I started sobbing I couldn't hold it back. "Huh do ya?" He said in the most harshest voice. "Y... Ye... Yes. I love him more than anything in the world, just please don't hurt him". I could feel Thomas' warm breath on my neck. Then Thomas pushed me backwards and stood in front of me. Blocking me with his body I heard muffled words of him saying "I'm sorry she doesn't know what's she's saying, I will give you anything you want. Money, food anything. Just let Y/N go. Please that's all I ask of you". Thomas turned around and rubbed my shoulders. He whispered into my ear something that I could never ever forget "Y/N I love you so much and this is why I want you to live, I couldn't live with out you or live with myself for you saving me" Thomas leaned in and gave me a passionate and long kiss. "No, I don't want money. I just want you to learn your lesson for being rude" the man pushed the gun forward into the back of Thomas' head. Thomas turned around and said "ok, but let her go please". "Fine" the man in a black hoodie said as he the rest of his gang walked over to me. They grabbed me by my arms and pulled me away from Thomas. "NO. NO NO NO NOOOO. PLEASE NO. PLEASE. Just let me say good bye please! Please!" I was pulling and tugging and trying to break free from the gang. "Wait, 5 minutes that's it" the leader said as he held his hand up as a high five. The guys let me go and i ran to Thomas, I gave him the biggest hug and I didn't care if he suffocated i loved him and wanted to feel his hug for one more time. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips agains his, he put his arms around my waist. I could feel his damp cheeks, he must have been crying i thought to myself. "I love you so much Y/N and that's why I need you to go. We will meet again trust me" he points up to the sky "we will be together forever up there". "No no no! Your going to live!" I pulled away from the kiss and looked into his dark eyes. "Y/N please if you love me just run away, please" he wiped my tears away with his thumb. I nodded my head a yes "I love you tommy! I love you so much! And we will meet again" i took a deep breath and kissed him one more time. "Times up" the man howled with anger. The guys came back again and dragged me away. "I love you Thomas! I always have and I always will!" "I love you to Y/N! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, but we will meet again I will be counting off the days. Just promise me not to try anything stupid, don't kill your self and live life! Please! Until then my love!" As the men dragged me away i whispered to myself I promise.

They dragged me away from the alley way, they took me across the street and told me to stay there or I would die too. They let go of me and ran back to the alley way. "BANG BANG" the sound of gunshots killed me I couldn't take it. I fell on my back and then hit the hard, cold concrete. As I lay there I kept thinking he was fine. I couldn't move I was paralysed, my bones in my body ached. Tears swelled up in my eyes and I let out a big scream. I was bawling my eyes out and screaming. I suddenly felt the urge to get up like a huge weight had just lifted off my shoulders. I got up and stumbled over a few times but managed to keep my balance. I ran over to the alley way not even bothered to check for cars when I ran across the hazy road. When I got to the alley way I stood there I didn't go in I just stood outside of it. I saw a dark silhouette crouched down on the wall. "Y/N" the shadow said with a husky voice. But I knew that voice anywhere. "Thomas" i ran over to him. Tears started falling from my eyes. As I got to him I crouched down beside him. "Oh my gosh tom where did they shoot you?" I couldn't help it I kept crying and running my hand along his body checking for wounds. Until I felt a gooey substance, he got shot in his shoulder. "Thomas oh my-" he cut me off before I could say anything. "Y/FN, I love you with all my heart and it's time for me to go. Here" he shakily reached into his left pocket and jiggled his hand around in there. Until he pulled out a small brown box. "I was going... To.. A... Ask you to marry... me. But then this happened" he started letting out tears. He handed me the box and I put it in my jacket. "T..tom I love you and my answer is yes, we can still be together but we need to take you to a hospital. I will ring the ambulance" I stuffed my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone. " Y/N it's ok... I'm going to die anyway... There's no point-" he gave out a cough before he continued. "Come here, I want to just be with you before... Before I die". I went beside him and cuddled in his arms. I gave him kisses and telling him that everything would be ok. Before he slipped away as I like to say in a deep sleep, never waking up. I cried and cried. Never leaving his side, I screamed and started cursing the person who did this to him. It was about 5:00am in the morning and people who worked at the shops across the road came running to my side and gave me hugs and asked if I was alright. They rang an ambulance and it came. They put his body in the ambulance truck and I got in, sitting by his side. When we arrived I got too see his body for the last time. I gave him a kiss and took the small box he gave me earlier out of my pocket. "I can't wait to see you again babe, I will be counting the days off until we meet again." I opened the box and took out a beautiful diamond ring, I placed it on my ring finger. "It fits perfectly!" I held my hand up to the sky. "See" I smiled in delight. I said good bye to him for one more time and walked out of the room.

2 years later:

As I entered my apartment, that Thomas and I use to share. I went to my room and found one of tommy's old shirts and put it on, I wear the ring everyday and never take it off. I sat down at my desk and began to write a letter. It had been long enough, and I needed to see him. Nightmares after nightmares, I was tired of it. I was tired waking up to myself screaming. I was tired of waking up alone from the bed I use to share with tom. I was sick of it. I couldn't take it anymore, nothing was the same. My world has changed ever since that day, and in a bad way. I sealed the letter shut and rang up my family and friends telling them I love them very much. I told my friend to come over and she said she was going to be over in 10 minutes, which gave me plenty of time. I grabbed the tablets from the cupboard. I sat on my bed and clutched the letter in one hand, still wearing one of tom's old shirts. I stared at the small bright orange container. "I will see you soon baby" I said quietly under my breath. I opened the container and swallowed all of the small white things. Then the blackout began.

"Y/N what are you doing? You promised me!" It was Thomas' voice, it was sweeter than ever. I ran to him and hugged him as tight as I could. "I'm sorry tom, I just couldn't be with out you anymore" I looked up at him, our eyes connected. "Y/N I love you! Now we can be together forever" our lips touched and it finally felt like my world was back to how it was. I held him close and closed my eyes.

Friends POV:

I knocked on the door a couple of the times. But she didn't answer so I opened the door, I walked into her apartment. "Y/N where are you? Y/N?" I called her name a few times but she didn't answer. So I walked into her bathroom she wasn't there, I walked into her bedroom. There I saw her laying on her bed clutching a letter,she looked lifeless. "Oh my gosh, Y/N what did you do to yourself?" I was breathless and scared. I rang the ambulance. I kissed Y/N on the forehead and took the letter she held. It said:
Dear F/N,
After the incident of Thomas, I knew I could never live. I love him and I want to be with him forever, my love for him is indescribable. I only did this for our love because I was never happy, I had nightmares of what had happened. I just couldn't take it anymore. I hope you and everyone else
can forgive me. I love you all so very much! But it was time for me too leave. I will see you on the other side F/N!

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