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as soon as they entered the arcade, their ears were blasted from the few cheers from young adults to teenagers, scattered around the arcade and bowling alley. contributing to the noise was the sounds of the  arcade games, from the clinking of the air hockey puck hitting the sides to the revving of motors on the racing games. the blue darkness of the arcade's walls were drowned out by the bright colours that illuminated from the different games.

wonwoo looked around excitedly at the variety of games he could see in his line of vision when he looked around, the sounds of the games and visuals of lights flashing before him to draw you in to play.

mingyu smiled in adoration whilst looking at wonwoo's bright face, a smile that he can't seem to wipe off his face. "so what do you want to try first?" mingyu asked, waking wonwoo from the trance he was in whilst looking at the surroundings.

"i don't know, i want to try everything?" wonwoo said, smiling at mingyu. still holding his hand, mingyu dragged wonwoo to one of the vacant motorbike racing games, scanning the arcade card he had spare from the last time he visited.

the three races ended quickly as mingyu one every single one of them, but wonwoo suspected that mingyu chose that game first to show off his cycling skills. so when he looked at mingyu cheering in delight after winning for the third time in a row, he rolled his eyes but a smile still managed to appear on his face.

"woo! that was so fun!" mingyu cheered, hopping off the stabilised yellow motorbike.

"only because you won." wonwoo chuckled. "every." he booped mingyu's nose, causing a small blush to cover his cheeks. "single." and again. "time." and again, before he walked away to check out another game to try, leaving mingyu a stuttering mess before he could say anything to protest.

they continued to play all the games wonwoo wanted to try out, including the bowling alley. after they felt they had enough fun, the two made their way to the diner that was connected to the arcade. once they ordered their food, they talked about everything and anything, almost as if they hadn't talked about everything they needed nor wanted to.

"strawberry is better!" wonwoo argued, licking his ice cream cone as he and mingyu walked slowly towards his parked car. the date had been the best thing wonwoo had ever experienced, it had been the best he'd ever felt in a while. maybe because of what he had done with mingyu, or maybe simply because of the company.

"you're wrong. vanilla all the way!" mingyu teased him some more, taking a scoop of his vanilla ice cream cup and spreading it on wonwoo's nose.

"mingyu!" wonwoo whined, a cute pout forming on his lips. mingyu chuckled because it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. "i don't want to touch the ice cream with my hands or it'll make them sticky, so take it off." he said with a cold gaze.

mingyu just rolled his eyes, and suddenly had a brillian idea. he got closer to wonwoo and held his chin up with his free hand, making wonwoo look at him directly in the eyes. the younger lowered his gaze to wonwoo's cute nose and kissed it gently, removing the stain of ice cream he left there.

wonwoo's swore his heart stopped beating, or at least that's what it felt like to him. actually, his whole world stopped and the only thing he felt was mingyu's body and lips close, too close to his.

mingyu backed away to look properly look into wonwoo's eyes, and he noticed how they were so full of expectancy and hope, almost as if he was asking to kiss him with his eyes. however, he took his time to admire every single feature on wonwoo's face over, and over again. he also caressed the edge of his face gently, cupping his cheeks and finally tilting his head to connect his lips with wonwoo's.

wonwoo was surprised at first but responded to the kiss. they both melted in a tender kiss as the two flavours of ice cream mixed together, creating the perfect combination for mingyu and wonwoo to get lost in each other. wonwoo circled mingyu's neck with his free hand, now regretting not finishing his ice cream sooner. mingyu didn't care about the sweet treat and threw it somewhere to the side, bringing his hand to wonwoo's slim waist to hold him better.

wonwoo didn't expect to respond this way, this forcefully and happily to the kiss. maybe it was the adrenaline that was flowing through him taking over, the urge of kissing mingyu being the only thought in his mind as they kissed passionately without thinking.

their lips moved in sync, as well as their breathings. that made wonwoo chuckle soft in the middle of the kiss, making mingyu pull away and lean his head on wonwoo's forehead.

"why are you laughing?" he smiled, lips on full display for wonwoo to stare at them. oh, how he had the urge to kiss them again.

"because what you said is true." wonwoo bit his lip, contemplating whether to speak what his mind wanted him to say. "bad boys do kiss the best." he whispered, knowing that mingyu would tease him endlessly for what he just said.

"i wanted to savour the first kiss i had with you, maybe for when i knew how you felt about me, but..." mingyu lingered, but looking at wonwoo's eyes staring up a him, hands around his neck to pull him closer. "i guess i already know my answer."

mingyu pushed wonwoo's hair back with hands before pulling him in for a kiss again, savouring the taste of wonwoo's lips once again.

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