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We're inviting writers and fans of Kin to unleash their imagination and create alternate storylines for Singaporean drama series Kin. To participate, you will be asked to submit a STORY PITCH for review by Wattpad Studios and Mediacorp. We'll be selecting our favorite Top 10 pitches from the submission to write a short story on Wattpad based on their idea. 

The winning stories will get the chance to have their story ideas brought to life in a special KIN spin-off series!

For all the details on how to submit, please read the following:

What are we looking for? 
Wattpad is seeking out unique, captivating ideas that will be appealing to all audiences, but specifically to fans of KIN. We want to surface our community's most exciting original voices so we're looking for submissions that will lean into your own unique style of storytelling. All submissions must be wholly original but based on the characters, setting, and storylines of KIN. 

We will not be accepting works that cannot exist within the KIN universe or do not include the requirements as stipulated in the Contest Prompts (see below). Submissions are free to adapt anything within the KIN universe, but cannot include components or references to any other book, movie, television show, or other existing work.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Kin is a drama about the complexities of life, love and family relationships. Years have passed since Yoke and Ella had their lives turned upside-down when they returned to be with their rightful families after having been swapped at birth. Years later, Yoke has seemingly embraced her role as a status-conscious, high society Shelley, assuming a leadership role in the family business. Ella has accepted her fate as a member of the salt of the earth, working-class Loh family but struggles to make something of her life. Has the nature vs nurture battle run its course or are relationships between the families still as fraught and complicated as ever ? The Lohs, Shelleys, Hassans, and Balas have overcome personal loss, incarceration, as well as estrangement of their loved ones; yet lingering tensions remain. Mysteries continue to unfold as characters pursue their individual agendas, while emotional drama abounds as surprising twists are revealed that threaten the stability to which they have become accustomed...

*More information on KIN, including a character bible and story summary,  go to CHAPTER 3!


The subject of your story should follow one of the following prompts:

PROMPT 1: Write an Alternative Universe 
Taking the existing characters and plot of KIN, change the outcome of a story plot. Pose the question WHAT IF and see what would/could happen to the central KIN characters if circumstances were different. Be creative! Must include either Shelley OR Yoke as main characters + 1 additional character from KIN of your choosing. Any other original characters created by the author will also be accepted. 

Example: What if James had decided to leave Emily at the altar and had married Ananya instead?

PROMPT 2: Create a Spin-off Character
Create new, original spin-off character(s) to introduce and tell their story. How do they fit into and impact the larger world of KIN? Your main character does not have to be an existing KIN character, but at least one (1) other existing character from the series should play a central role in the story. The story should also fit within the KIN universe in tone by reflecting the style of the television series.

Example: Matthew's Story: Matthew, the only son of a high-ranking police detective, falls in love with Fiona, the only daughter of a shady businessman. Unwittingly, he gets caught up in a world of criminal activity, just days before a sting operation led by his own father. Will the young couple's love fall victim to their circumstances?  You can watch Matthew's Story here!

PROMPT 3: Expand the Universe
Choose any point in time of the KIN Universe to expand on in your own way. Is there a character history to explore or a future alternate universe where things look different? Where did the characters come from, or where do you imagine they'll end up years down the line? At least one (1) existing character from the series should play a central role in the story.

- Before Kin: Imagine the backstory of Derek and his 3 wives (Jessica, Celia and Eunice)
Future Kin: The children of Kin are now grown up/teenagers, do the family feuds still persist into the next generation?


Entrants must have a Wattpad account to participate

Pitches must be written in English

Participants must be at least 18 years of age

The story being pitched must be wholly original and created by the entrant, but based on the characters, setting, and storylines of the drama series KIN. The rights to publish and distribute must also be held by entrant.

All entries must include at least one (1) existing character from KIN

Multiple pitches by the same writer will be accepted but no more than one pitch will be selected as a finalist per writer.

*See the Chapter "Rules & Regulations" for full contest terms.


The judges' decision will be based on the quality of writing and suitability in three categories:

- Voice

- Content & Originality

- Adaptability

The final decision will not be based on reads or votes. Mediacorp reserves the ability to amend the story as per production requirements and needs.

Wattpad and Mediacorp will select up to four (4) winning entries who will receive $500 SGD from Mediacorp and the opportunity for their entry to be adapted into an episode for KIN. 

Top 10 shortlisted entries, including the four winning entries, will also receive a year premium subscription to meWatch valued at approximate $100 SGD and a Kin Limited Edition Tumbler Collectible.

*See Rules & Regulations Chapter for full terms regarding the adaptation of winning entries.


For more information on how to enter, go to the NEXT CHAPTER:

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