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The Crazy Part


I got up and bathed and went and got dressed, August got up and walked over behind me and kissed my neck, I pushed him away. I'm sick of him and his games, like last night he didn't come home til 3 in the morning, he was out with his little tricks. He told me I was his only love. He just a liar.

"Why you pushing away from me?" He asked me

"August, move." I said

"I wanted you here with me. I needed you. But, you don't care about me August and I can't do this anymore.." He said

"Baby, listen to me.. I do love you." He said coming over and wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek and laid her head in the crock of my neck

"Don't talk to me. I'm done." I yelled putting my hand in his face

"What about 'us'?" He asked pulling me to him and whispering in my ear

I laughed and kissed him.

"I love you too." I said

August always knew what to say, he knows I don't want to leave him. I know he like going out with other girls and it's okay because who do he come home to? Who he says he love all the time? Me. And I know he means it, those other girls he just have no love for him. He just saying something.

"August, is you gone be here with me tonight or no?" I asked him putting on some clothes and going and do my hair

"Yeah, I'm gone be with you." He said kissing my shoulder


We went down to the couch, and I was playing with his hair.

"August, you know I'm here to save you."

He laughed and said, "yeah, I know baby."

"I'm for real." I said laughing and laying my head on his head and rubbing my hands down his arms

"I know beautiful, take a picture with me?"

"Yeah, baby."

He took out his phone and we took a couple photos when some girl named Ariana called. I looked at him and he looked at me

"Whose she?"

"Nobody." He said looking at me

"Just go, you want to anyways." I said pushing him

"I'm sorry baby." He said kissing my forehead

"whatever." I said laying down on the couch and watching him walking out the door.


I sat on the steps and texted August

"Where u at?"

He never replied, He want to go out? I'm gone go out too.

I went upstairs and grabbed my white and silver right dress and silver heels and went to the club and I seen him all on these girls. I didn't care,

"Hey, Nicki. you want to dance?"

I nodded and grabbed the dudes hand and we began dancing, August looked my way. I smirked and he stopped dancing



I was at the club turning up, Nicki had called me a couple times and texted me but the first time Ariana took my phone. Now, I'm on the dance floors and I looked at my phone and seen that Nicki was calling, I ignored it and like an hour later I seen her in the club dancing on another dude, I'm not gone lie. I got mad. I left the club and met up with Tyga. My phone rung and it was Ariana and I declined the call and see the photo of Nicki and I. I came back home and she wasn't there yet.


She came back and she was drunk this dude brought her in the house,

"Oh, haha, hey August."

"Don't hey August me, wtf that nigga?"

"He just a friend." I said smirking

"Just a friend, Nigga get out."

"Alright let's go honey." I said to the boy

"No Nicki you ain't going no where."

^^^ this just a preview what will be happening in the story.^^

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