1. "cigarettes are bad for your health"

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I looked at the math problem on the chalk board and wrote it down on a piece of paper. I started solving the equation. It was so easy. I solved it in three quick and simple steps.

I looked up from my paper and looked around the room. Everyone else is still doing work. Leave it to me, Timothy Clark, to finish my work first. I sat in my seat awkwardly and looked out the window.

I watched as the sun was slowly still rising. It was so beautiful. The color of the sky. It was a beautiful orange mixing in with the blue of the sky.

Suddenly there was a loud noise out in the hallway. I looked over to the door as everyone in the class room got up and left the room to see the commotion.

I got up out of my seat too and went out in the hallway. There was a massive crowd surrounding what looked like a fight. I walked closer and looked over all the people to see that it was a fight.

But no, it wasn't just any normal fight. It was a fight between Jacob Palmer and Tony Dawson.

The thing is, these are the two biggest bad boys of Westshire High School, and they're the two biggest enemies. They hate each other so much because they both sell drugs and they're always trying to get more clients than the other. God, drugs are so gross, but what's more gross is people that do them.

"What's going on over there?" I heard someone call from behind. I turned around to see Principal Johnson rushing towards the crowd with other teachers close behind.

They got to the crowd and started pushing students aside as they weaved their way in. The teachers started grabbing the boys, trying to pull them apart.

After a minute or two, the teachers were finally able to pull Jacob and Tony apart. Tony shrugged the teachers off him and started walking down the hallway. The principal started chasing after him, telling him to stop.

I watched Jacob as he turned around and glanced at everyone in the crowd before his eyes landed on me. He stared at me for a couple seconds before he turned around, pushed through the crowd and walked away.

I stared after him as he walked away, while thinking...

What the fuck just happened?


The final bell rang, releasing me from this prison. I walked to my locker as people started leaving the school to make their buses. Good thing I drive.

There was only a couple people left in the school. I walked out of the school and towards the parking lot where my car was parked. I flipped my backpack around to the front of my body and opened the front pouch. I started searching for my keys, which I was failing at right now.

Before I knew what was happening, my body collided with something tall and hard and I started falling to the ground. Two arms wrapped around my waist and caught me before I hit the ground.

The person pulled me back up to my feet. "Sorry...and...thanks for catching me..." I said awkwardly while looking down at the ground, too embarrassed to look at the face of the person I ran into.

"Yeah, no problem." I heard the person say. I looked up to meet beautiful copper eyes, a rough jaw line, high cheek bones, and brown hair that was sort of spiked up but also off to the side and leaned back.

That's when I put it all together and realized that the person I ran into was none other than the oh so sexy, scary, and intimidating Jacob Palmer.

He smirked and that's when I noticed the unlit cigarette sitting lightly between his plump lips. He had a lighter in hands so he must've been just about to light it. "Are you okay?" He asked while chuckling.

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