Chapter One

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I snatched the little piece of paper right out of my manager's hand, after he told me the small amount addressed to my name.

"This isn't fair. I've been here longer than my payed hours, and this is all I get?" I spat in his face. "You know what? I quit!"

I can tell this surprised him, and I couldn't help but smirk. I yanked off my apron and shoved it into his hand, which was still hovering in the air.

The cool breeze made me realize what I had done; I don't have a job anymore. I suddenly began regretting my decision, but what else should I have done? I checked the time, and realized I was almost late for school.

Oh, no more having to wake up at four in the morning to go to work anymore! One good thing that came from this.

I drove to school and met Logan in front. He's been my best friend ever since third grade, when we would shove grapes up our noses together.

First period, art. Miss J. My favorite class, since I'm really into that kind of stuff right now.

Third period, Math. Easy class as well. Even though I'm at college level, it's a piece of cake for me.

But then fifth period English. It's not the worst, or the best, it's just the fact that she is in that class. Alex Walker. Sexy, popular, and rich. What guy wouldn't fall for her? That's the problem. Every guy does, leading to all the girls secretly hating her while being her "friend". Being Alex's friend means you get your own share of boys too.

Logan and I separated at the door, since he sits in the front, and I sit in the back. And guess who I sit next to? Of course it has to be Alex.

I threw my binder on my side of our desk, without realizing my last pay check had been sticking out through the top.

She plucked it out where it was wedged between my homework and began reading it with her eyes. Her eyebrows raised when she finally looked at me.

"Really? That's all your pay? Is it just for a day or for like, you know, a month?" She asked.

I rolled my eyes and snatched it from her fingers, just to rip it right in half.

"Great," I said under my breath.

There goes my last check, to waste. Alex was about to say something when the bell cut her off.

She gave me a sympathetic look, and started to scribble something down on a little piece of paper.

She slipped it in my backpack and whispered to me, "Call me later."

I felt my face contort in confusion and just blew it off for nowand focused on my teacher; Mr. Graham.

Before I knew it the bell rang, and I heard Alex walk out of the class first, like always, the sounds of her heels clacking on the floor.

I gathered my work and met Logan at my car. We drove to his house first, so he can get extra clothes and other things since he will be sleeping over tonight. Every Friday, we always stay up late watching movies or just talking about, well, anything.

Ok, well I'm not rich, but my mom's boyfriend is and so thats why we live in the best part of town. She always refuses him to give us money and stuff, until she knows she really wants to spend the rest of their lives together.

I pulled up and Logan and I ran up to my room. My mom and Patrick are away on a trip for 6 months to Greece; putting more pressure for me to make money at the time.

I pulled out a bag of chips from my backpack and saw a little piece of paper fly out with it. Of course, Logan pounced on top of it before I could take it back and quickly asked me who it was from.

I slowly told him what happened, waiting for his reaction when I said her name, and that I wasn't planning to call her.

He almost back handed me across the face when I said the last part.

"Are you kidding me?! Call her! NOW!" He practically spit in my face.

"Ok ok. Just dont say anything when she answers.." I said.

I dialed the number, and was about to hang up when a soft voice answered.

"Hello?" She said.

I froze and didn't know what to do when Logan elbowed me in the stomach.

"Uh hi. It's Lauralie. You said to call.."

"Oh right. So how would you feel about making a little extra cash?" She asked with a suggestive tone in her voice.

"I mean a few bucks would be nice." I said. And Logan leaned in closer, practically putting his nose up the phone.

"If you're open to anything, come to my house in 20 minutes. And I'll get you started with a brand new job." And then she hung up.

I thought about it for a second, and was about to say no, when Logan jumped on me and said, "Don't you dare say no! You need the money! C'mon what's the worst it's gonna be?"

I shrugged, but still tried to come up with more excuses.

"I didn't even get her address..."

He rolled his eyes and said, "Are you serious. Everyone knows where she lives! C'mon Lauralie! If you don't want in we can just leave right after and pretend like it never happened."

I finally agreed to it and we took off towards her house.

My jaw hung probably four feet when we pulled into her driveway. She lived in a mansion! She had a five-car driveway and a ten foot tall fountain in her front yard. Logan didn't seem to impressed, since he had supposedly been here before.

We parked my car and went up to the door to ring the bell. Through the window, a huge chandelier hung and swayed to the rhythm of music. A couple seconds after I pushed the doorbell, the knob began to turn.

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