12. Tanaga

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The Tanaga is a type of Filipino poem, consisting of four lines with seven syllables each with the same rhyme at the end of each line --- that is to say a 7-7-7-7 Syllabic verse, with an AABB rhyme scheme

A/N: I am proudly Filipina... so I'm really delighted with this. I've put in a Filipino adaptation also, though it's not as accurate as could be desired -- I still wanted to have the rhyme scheme and number of syllables... But, here it is:

To the heavens, I call out

And I wish to ease my doubt.

T’was my place I want to find,

While leaving all fears behind.


Tumatawag sa langit;

Hiling sana’y makamit…

Na tadhana’y makita –

Malimot pagdududa.

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