Chapter 10

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Gina woke up with a pounding migraine, wincing as she leaped out of bed, grabbing onto the wall to balance herself. She placed one foot in front of the other as she carefully ventured outside her bedroom and into the kitchen.

She gathered everything she would need to make her famous cheese and bacon omelets. She cracked the eggs into a large bowl. Haling her action when she heard rustling coming from the room across, fear crept in as Delilah is only expected to return home tonight. She stealthily reached for the knife set and gripped it firmly, trying her best to steady her shaking hands. She noiselessly trailed to Charlie's bedroom, clutching the knife in front of her, ready to attack at any second.

She stepped into Charlie's room, not spotting anything out of the ordinary. The beeping of his machines and her heavy breathing the only sound to be heard. She walked further into the room, not noticing anything out of the ordinary until the creaking of a wooden floorboard just outside the bedroom caught her attention.

"Delilah." She called out, gradually making her way outside the room, fear creeping in when she receives no response.

Her rapidly beating heart pounded against her chest making it difficult to breath, the perspiration running down her forehead as fear overtook her. A hand on her mouth caused her to unintentionally release her grip on the knife as it clattered to the ground. She tried to scream but the hand muffled the noise as she thrashed around trying her best to release herself from the unknown person's solid hold. She felt their hot breath on her ear as the person leaned closer to whisper in her ear.

"I told your daughter she'd hear from me again."


Hazel stood at her locker glancing down at her cellphone screen waiting for a reply from Isabelle. She hadn't seen or spoken to her friend in days and she's rapidly growing concerned.

"Something wrong?" Logan asked walking up to her with his biology textbook in his hands.

They'd planned to meet up at her locker after school to work on their paired biology assignment, but Hazel became distracted by the constant worry that something terrible could have happened to Isabelle.

Hazel was about to reply when a booming voice caught her attention. She watched as Shaun yelled down the phone, capturing the attention of everyone in the hallway, clearly engaging in a heated discussion with his girlfriend, Carmen. They all watched the dramatic scene unfold until he noticed everyone's prying gazes. He mumbled something down the line before maneuvering into the nearest classroom.

It didn't take long for him to hastily exit the classroom with a sense of urgency, instantly making Hazel concerned. She excused herself from Logan before rushing to Shaun, gripping his wrist before he could walk through the exit. He turned to her and sighed trying to escape her firm grip.

"I can't talk right now." He spoke, but she wasn't letting him go without an explanation.

"Where are you going?" She demanded.

"Carmen needs me, she's lost."

Hazel glanced at him in confusion.

"What do you mean lost?"

"She wondered into the woods and can't find her way back."

"Why would she wander into the woods alone?"

He shrugged in reply and she released her grip on him, worry seeping into her eyes.

"Well, there's no way you're going alone." She spoke, glancing to her side when she felt a presence joining them, offering Logan a tiny smile.

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