Moon Light Kiss (6)

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I was in complete awe.  

"Thank you everybody." I said. They all smiled at me. All of a sudden I was flying up the stairs. Kate was holding me.  

"What are you doing?" I asked.  

"You are going to wear a nice dress I picked out for you." She said.  

"Oh. Great." I said with fake enthusiasm. She rolled her eyes and set me down on the bed, while she went to the closet to get my dress.

When she pulled it out I was stunned. It was beautiful, and of course, it matched the house. It was a short dress that came down to maybe the middle of my thigh. It looked like it would be very fitting. It was strapless as well. It was black on top, with a little glitter, and the black faded to a dark red at the bottom. I was really excited to wear it. I soon realized that I would be wearing this in front of Lawrence...that would be awkward.  

"Hurry! Go put it on!" She said, her voice rising with excitement.  

"God okay, okay." I said as she pushed me to the bathroom.

When I put it on, I was amazed. It fit perfectly. It was very beautiful on me, if I did say so myself. I smiled in the mirror and I heard Kate tapping her foot on the floor. I laughed.  

"Get you butt out here Liz. Don't make me come in there." Kate threatened. I laughed again. She opened the door and smiled wide.  

"You're beautiful." She whispered. Then she started clapping and jumping up and down with excitement.  

"'re very strange, you know that?" I said laughing at her. She laughed with me.  

"It's a gift." She said.  

"Oh...well then, that's just awesome." I said sarcastically.  

"Oh here." She said hading me a pair of black high heels.  

"Thanks. Now what do I do about my face and hair?" I asked.  

"Leave that to me." She said with a thoughtful look on her perfect face.  

"Ok you do that. What do I do?" I asked.  

"You can just sit down while I work on you." She said sitting me down in this huge chair, that I have never really noticed before. Then she got to work on my hair and make up.

It didn't take long for her to finish. She didn't let me look in a mirror until I was absolutely perfect. I put my heels on and took a deep breath.  

"You're beautiful." Kate said. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so I could see for my self.

She was rite. I looked beautiful for once. My skin looked flawless. My make up was perfect and my hair had volume and waves. I looked freaking stunning. But that's not the word I would really use for it. I looked like a....vampire. I smiled wide and hugged her tightly.  

"Thank you, Kate." I said in her ear.  

"You are very, very welcome." She told me.  

"Now, go down stairs. You have people waiting for you." She said.

I walked down the stairs slowly, so I wouldn't fall. When I got to the bottom, everyone was staring at me. I blushed. Lawrence was staring at me as well. He smiled wide and quickly swept me off my feet.  

"Hey!" I yelled, laughing. He kissed me once and put me down.  

"You are so beautiful." He said. Everyone else agreed.  

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