Moon Light Kiss (4)

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"God your hard headed." I laughed harder at my joke, and he laughed with me.

Kate walked in and I felt the heat rush to my cheeks when I realized that he was still on top of me in an...awkward position.  

" you're not having to much fun here." She said throwing a quick glance at Lawrence. Lawrence threw a pillow at her, but she caught it and she stuck her tongue out at him. Then she winked at me.  

" do you like your room?" She asked.  

"I love it." I said to her. "Get off me you freak." I said teasingly at Lawrence. He laughed and got up but he was still holding me on his lap.  

"Thank you." She said. Then she grabbed my hand and made Lawrence let go.  

"I have to talk to her." She told him. Then we went into her large bedroom. It looked similar to mine except that her walls were black with red designs like the rest of the house.  

We sat at the edge of her bed. She was looking down and it looked like she was upset.  

"Are you okay?" I asked.  

"Yes!" She yelled in an excited tone.  

"Then why do you look so down?" I asked.  

"Because you see...we have lived here for years. He has known you were here. He has followed you. He has tried to see what you were like but he didn't know how. So he joined school so he could meet you. I just didn't know how to tell you that with out making it sound creepy." She said really, really fast. It took me a minute to figure out what all she had said.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond at first. I was a little...well I don't know. I guess I felt a little freaked, but it's not like I was going to tell her that.

" is kind of weird. I mean...I always felt like I was being watched by someone but I got over it because I just thought I was being paranoid." I paused and looked at her. "Can you help me with something?" I asked. She smiled wide.  

"With what?" She asked.  

"Well I was wondering why I feel like I already know him." I said.  

"Well when you love can feel like you have known him for years. He took care of you while you were asleep you know. He saved you from dying. And he loves you. You can feel that can't you?" She asked.  

"Well yes...there is this warmth coming from him...and well...when he kissed was I mean...I have only known him for maybe a month or so. Its so strange. But its still just so...amazing...words just can't describe." I said quickly. She laughed.

We walked back to my room and Robert was talking to Lawrence.  

"Hi Robert!" Kate yelled. I laughed. Kate took Roberts face and brought it down to kiss him. It was sweet, but I still felt weird watching so I turned away.  

"Okay you guys are grossing Liz out. Get out of here you weirdoes." Lawrence said pushing them off of my bed.  

"It's fine. Our little make out session was worse." I said trying not to sound so awkward as I said it.  

"That's probably true." Robert said. I took the pillow that Lawrence threw at Kate and I chucked it at Robert. He caught it. Of course he caught it. He's a freaking vampire, who probably has better reflexes than a cat on crack.  

"Hey, that wasn't very nice." He said in a teasing tone.  

"You hurt my feelings." He said pretending to be sad. I laughed. I already felt I was part of the family. It was weird.  

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