Chapter Thirteen - Angry After Party

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"So you're not bussing tonight?"Roman spoke up. His voice was taunting and immediately I was enraged. How insensitive could he be!?

My head snapped in his direction and my grey eyes locked with his green ones. The colour of his eyes was vivid even in the semi-darkness. "You're such an ass."

"Yeah I am."He agreed. "So don't be a fucking martyr about it."

"What the hell are you talking about!?"I didn't even try to keep my tone civilized or quiet.

His hands were in his pockets and his eyes were tight, a scowl on his face. "It's obvious that I'm going to say shit that will offend you. That's who I am. So don't take it out on yourself. Did you think it would teach me a lesson? Having you walk out of the car and bus home? No. You only inconvenienced yourself."

"I walked out because I didn't want to be near you."I admitted harshly.

"You're an idiot."He stated. His voice held no emotion it was monotone and dead and he meant it.

"I'm an orphan, too, right!?"I snapped.

Roman's face softened for the quickest of seconds before he regained his composure. He shrugged nonchalantly, "You said it this time, not me."

I gulped. I wasn't just angry with him anymore. I was completely frustrated. Roman didn't know how to be normal. He was a jerk on every account, he didn't learn anything. "Just don't talk to me anymore, Roman."

"Fine by me."He held his hands up before taking a couple steps back.

I was overwhelmed by miserable feelings all over again. How was it that Roman could make me feel like complete shit with only a couple of exchanged sentences? I had a tough exterior; I didn't let people get to me so fast. But Roman, without even trying, forced his way under my skin like a painful needle, he made me bleed with his words and trying to get him to go away hurt like hell.

"You didn't even apologize."I felt myself saying quietly. I hadn't meant to say the words out loud but they just came out. Roman never apologized for being so insensitive, Ashton did. He didn't even show remorse.

I was certain that Roman hadn't heard me. I didn't know if I should be relieved or disappointed that he hadn't. Perhaps then, he would have known to apologize. Maybe I would have forgiven him had he said that simple word. It wouldn't make the pain subside but at the very least, I would have known that living with Roman wouldn't be so intolerable all the time.

Seconds ticked by before Roman uttered out a phrase, "I'm not one to apologize."And just like that, everything became worst. He had heard me. He wouldn't even try to make amends. I didn't say anything to him; I only looked away towards the far distance.

A body was huddled up in the corner, covered by tattered blankets and a cardboard sign that I couldn't read from over here. It wasn't hard to tell that this person was homeless. The feeling of shame poured over me, maybe I didn't have a family but at least I had a place to stay. I was being sheltered and provided for and I was given the chance to live. This person, whatever their story may be, however they had ended up on the cold, dirty streets of Toronto, hadn't been so lucky.

I opened my clutch and scavenged through it, I found a shiny toonie that was two dollars in Canadian money. I felt the coolness of the coin against my palm and once it was firm in my grip, started my way towards that person. I walked over to the man, his eyes were half shut, he had stubble on his face and his black hair was long and untamed. A ratty beanie sat on his head and he was sheltered by a green jacket that had clearly faded over time.

I was close enough to read his sign now, it simply stated: NEED MONEY FOR FOOD. In front of him was a plastic cup and looking inside it, I could see a couple dimes and a few nickels. I took my toonie and threw it in, it clinked as it hit the other coins donated by others who had probably felt bad for him or just simply wanted to get rid of their small change. The man's dark eyes opened and he gave me a toothy smile. "Thank you, Beautiful. God bless."He spoke in a gruff voice that ended in a cough. I wanted to cry for him.

"Good luck."I told him, bearing a smile in return. He was probably a drug addict; he would probably spend the money on weed. But I didn't care. He was still a person, a human being who by some unfortunate series of events ended up in this position. He still deserved kindness.

I jolted in surprise when a warm hand landed on my shoulder. "What are you doing?"

I turned around to see Ashton there, his eyes sea green eyes shined with fury as he looked back and forth between the man and me. He led me away once he seemed certain that nothing had happened. Terry stood a few steps behind his brother, watching the two of us. I turned towards the car to see that Roman was also watching. I'm certain he had been watching all along. "Are you insane?"Ash hissed once we had reached the Jeep. "It's freaking late and you're going around talking to homeless men...dressed like that? Do you want to get raped?"

I gaped at him, why was he so angry? "I just gave him some money..."

"Why!? He's clearly a crack addict. He's going to spend it on drugs and kill himself faster."Ashton scolded.

"Then let him. It's his choice. But I felt bad for him, okay?"

Ashton shook his head in aggravation, "Play saint in the morning, go feed people at a soup kitchen. That was dangerous, Sam. Fuck!"

"Relax. She's fine."Roman spoke up. I gaped at him, was he seriously standing up for me?

Ashton was enraged, "How could you let her do that!? I know you guys don't get along but are you that fucking far gone? What if the man had been dangerous!?"

"He wasn't."Roman stated simply.

Ashton walked over to Roman so that they stood face-to-face, "Don't act that way now. You're pissing me the fuck off. You and your carefree attitude, you're going to wind up getting people hurt."

Roman stood taller but it was pointless the two were the same height. However, at this stand point I observed how Roman was more built than his brother. "Why are you acting as if this was my fault!? She went over there, she chose to give him money, it was all her. She's fucking fine okay?! Look at her."He pointed at me but Ashton kept glaring at him. "The man was a harmless low-life. She did him some good now stop acting like you have a fucking stick up your ass and back off."Roman shoved Ashton on the shoulder so that he wasn't standing so near anymore.

Ashton stumbled a couple steps back before recovering. He was still furious, I watched his hand form a fist and I knew what was going to happen next. So I threw myself in front of him, "Ash, stop! Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't think."

Ashton wouldn't look at me, though. His livid eyes were still fixated on Roman.

"Ashton."I pulled on his shirt like I had done to Roman during the party. "Come on Ash, it wasn' wasn't Roman's fault."As much as I hated clearing his name, I didn't want them to start fighting. Especially over me. "I'm sorry for worrying you, okay?"

Ashton finally looked at me. His frown disappeared and his face cleared up.He sighed eyeing me warily, "Don't act so stupid anymore."

"I won't."I promised. I felt a bulging sense of pride at how much Ash seemed to care about me. I wrapped my arms around him in a hug, greeting his intoxicating scent with open arms –quite literally. He hugged me back and his grip was tight. Why had he been so worried? Why did Ashton care so much?

Once Ash and I broke apart, I eyed the other two brothers. Terry hadn't said a word during the whole event and now he was watching us with amused eyes. Roman, on the other hand, looked completely irritated. His eyes were flared and his stance was stiff. He was clearly not over Ash's confrontation. Roman wouldn't make eye contact with me –in fact the only person he would make eye contact with was Terry.

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