Chapter Thirteen - Angry After Party

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I do as I please and apologize for nothing.

-A Day To Remember

The end of the night fast approached and before I knew it, Ashton had scouted me out and told me to meet him outside in ten minutes because we were leaving. A good half of the party had already left and others were beginning to disperse. Judson had been a valuable host, greeting everyone, complimenting them, and thanking them for coming.

He stood next to the DJ at one point and gave a speech about how happy he was to have such good friends and that he hoped we all enjoyed ourselves. The crowd had proceeded to sing him an unpractised version of Happy Birthday and he even blew out candles on a fantastic four-tiered cake. Each tier a different flavour, and I was pleased to have landed myself a thin slice of red velvet.

Christina had ended up hooking up with that ginger boy but Emily had lost Judson amidst the excitement. It wasn't a shock, though, seeing as he was the busy birthday boy.

"Alright guys, guess this is my cue to leave."I said to Em and Christine as I watched Ashton's retreating figure. I was pretty certain that he was on the lookout for his brothers.

The three of us had found each other about an hour ago and had made it a girl's hour where we danced, ate and partied together. The deep feeling of gratification for befriending the two of them struck me each time we hung out. Christine was the first to throw her arms around me, "Bye, Sam! See you at school."

Emily kissed me on the cheek, she was of European descent and I had learned that it was normal for her to greet and say goodbye to people with a couple kisses on the cheek. "Have a goodnight with the Charlens'."

I rolled my eyes; you would think that they'd have grown accustomed to me living with them by now. I headed out of the club, getting lost in the sea of people who were also making their exit. I hated how slow pace everything was now, people stopping abruptly to say goodbye to someone they had missed or running around frantically in hopes of finding a ride home.

I pushed through the throngs of teenagers and walked away as fast as I could in my heels. I kept my gaze down so that people wouldn't stop to say goodbye to me or just plainly talk. I liked that I was starting to fit in at this school and all, but I was so not in the mood to socialize. I was deadbeat and fairly certain that Ash would have my head if I kept them waiting.

My stilettos clacked on the concrete surface of the sidewalk as I walked. The air was chilly and I wished that I had brought a cardigan with me. Building walls were decorated with advertisements, store signs, and graffiti. The smell of petrol and cigarette smoke filled my nostrils. I heard the engines of nearby cars, police sirens wailed somewhere behind me. When I turned my head to look at the buildings on my right, I could see the CN Tower too even though it was quite a distance away. I strode past a few civilians but no one acknowledged me.

While walking, I kept in mind what Ashton had told me about parking the Jeep on the side of the road. So my eyes scanned the cars avidly looking for bright red. A half minute later, I found the red SUV on the other side of the street; next to it stood a dark figure. It was probably Ashton. Quickly, I checked both sides of the intersection before making a dash for the car. Praying that I wouldn't trip on the streetcar rails as I jogged. Falling smack in the middle of the road in such a busy street was a death wish. Even if the city was fairly empty and there lacked half the number of cars as usual on a busy day in downtown Toronto, it was still quite possible to get run over by a car or two.

I reached the car and came to realize that the person next to it wasn't Ashton but his brother, Rome. Great, I thought sarcastically to myself. I didn't acknowledge him as I leaned on the side of the car and waited for the other two Charlens to arrive. I could feel Roman's eyes on me but I refused to look his way, rather I lifted my hand and started to examine my nail beds. The only light being provided to me was ones of streetlights and aluminous store signs. They didn't do much for shedding a light on my nails but I stared anyway.

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